April 18, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

Playing sports is one of the best things a person can do in their spare time.

Sports are a way to meet people, make friends, while also pushing the body in terms of physical activity.

We all know we need a little bit more physicality in our lives, and sports are definitely one way to get it.

If you are looking for a new sport to play, or want to try your hand at something new, we want to ask you the question: “Have you considered boxing?”

Now right away, if your initial impulse is to shake your head and walk away, we completely understand.

Boxing as a sport 

Boxing is a sport that sometimes has a bad reputation mainly because of the violence associated with it. But people get the wrong impression of boxing.

It is one of the most physically demanding sports, but is a lot more than just punching someone else.

It is a sport of hand-eye coordination and thinking ahead, and staying in the moment.

fighter training at the park

Some may say there is no other sport where you actually have to have your head in the game at all times in order to avoid injury.

Boxing is an incredible feeling, and if you have never done it before, we recommend taking one class to see if it is for you.

Remember, you do not have to go professional, and you never have to fight without the proper equipment in place.

You can box casually and get an amazing workout, while also learning great self-defense.

It is something we think you are going to enjoy immensely.

Today we are going to be focusing most of our time on how you can acquire the technical skills needed in boxing.

As with all methods of working out, and with sports, technique is the most important thing you can learn.

We are going to walk you through important steps you should take in order to excel in boxing, and we hope you apply them to your current strategy on getting better.

The technique of boxing

As you may have already heard before, boxing is a sport that requires learning lots of techniques in order to beat the opponent.

boxer training outdoors

Many view the sport as just two people in a ring throwing punches at one another, but it is much more than that.

You need to be able to know the proper footwork, know where the punch is going and where it is landing.

You also need to know exactly how to fight and what stance you should be using.

There are various stances used in boxing, and we are going to go through just a couple of them so you can begin to understand the proper technique:

The swarmer

The first boxing stance name that you should know is the swarmer, also known as the in-fighter when it comes to boxing.

This is a fighter who consistently is applying pressure to their opponent, trying to overwhelm them.

This type of fighting style is very aggressive and is done in order to take away an opponent’s timing and really get under their skin. 

Most swarmers are so strong at having a lot of power and they also have a great bob-and-weave technique.

Because they are consistently being aggressive, they do take the time to have the strongest punch in the league.

In order to fight with a swarmer style, you need to have the ability to last a long time without getting tired.

The out-boxer 

The next boxing stance name that you should be aware of is the out-boxer style. This is the exact opposite of the swarmer stance that we were just talking about.

Rather than getting on the inside, the out-boxer always tries to maintain the gap between them and their opponent.

This boxer never want to get close to them, as they have long-range punches to keep the distance.

Out-boxers are known for being really fast on their feet, but not as powerful when it comes to actual punches.

They do not have the strongest punch and solely rely on weaker jabs and straight hits instead of hooks and uppercuts.

This means that a fighter fighting with the out-boxer approach rarely gets knockouts, but wins by decisions.

How to master your techniques 

The only way for you to truly get your technique to the place where it needs to be is by hiring a professional coach to get you there.

Now this can sometimes be the hardest part, but you need to find someone with the experience necessary to get you to a level where you want to go.

Without the proper technique, you are not going to move as forward as you should, especially when it comes to boxing.

fighter getting knocked down

As with any sort of workout routine, the best way to acquire the technical skills is by doing drills over and over again to get the technique right into your body; it needs to become second nature to you.

When you are in the ring, you are not going to be thinking about technique, it needs to be engrained in the body so that it just does it naturally.

In order to do this, the same drills need to be done over and over again.

This can feel redundant and we will be honest, it will get boring after a while, but it is so important.


If you ask any professional boxer how they go to be where they are right now, they will tell you that it is through their dedication to honing their craft and being the best they can be.

Even after winning championships, the best fighters continue to work on technique every single day, and analyze their performance to get even better.

The only way to acquire the technical skills is to not be lazy and commit to the practices that your coach gives you.

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