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August 29, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

Aqua is a brand made in the United Statement of America (USA). It manufactures and distributes aqua training bags in a lot of countries.

The brand and the idea was born due to a boxer, a trainer, and a boxing gym owner who had a particular need for training. He needed to have the ability to throw harder hits and kicks, but the traditional bags cause a massive impact on his knuckles and joints.

And so, the creation of the first Aqua Training Bag which uses all the power and benefits of water to provide the user with a unique boxing or MMA experience.

These bags are proven to be more comfortable on the joints, offer more resistance, and feel more like you are hitting a person and rather than a stiff and hard bag of sand.  

Regardless of your boxing experience, Aqua Training Bags can be friendly to all levels and ages of boxers.  

There are different types of punching bags from Aqua:

Aqua punching bags:

  • Aqua Bruiser Bag (160 lbs)
  • 21” Aqua Heavy Bags (190 lbs)
  • 18” Aqua Punching Bag (120 lbs)
  • •15″ Aqua Home Fitness Boxing Bag (75 pounds)

Slip Ball punching bag hybrids:

  • •12” Head Hunter Slip Ball Punching Bag Hybrid (35 lbs)
  • 9” Head Hunter Slip Bag Punching Bag Hybrid (15 lbs)

In this review, we will focus on the Bad Boy Blue Aqua Punching Bag (18″ Heavy Punching Bag).


  • Ships Unfilled – Includes Shackle, Garden Hose Filling Nozzle and Stoppers
  • For Experienced & Novice Fighters 
  • Multipurpose – Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Use for Commercial Gyms or Home Gyms
  • Durable and Long Lasting

Our Rating


  • The bags are backed with a two-year warranty
  • The brand has a 60-day return policy if you are unsatisfied with your bag
  • Because the bag is light without water, it will save you money for the delivery/transportation
  • checkIt is easy to hang up because you can do it while the bag is empty and just fill in water afterward
  • checkVery convenient as after using it in training, you can just deflate and remove water, and store in the closet. If you want to use it again, you just have to fill it with water


  • Since the bag is hung while filled with water, it is hard to deflate it without creating so much mess
  • Regarding durability, aqua bags may have shorter lives than the conventional heavy bags because it absorbs water and gets damaged if exposed to extreme weather
  • Because the kit contains water, there is a possibility of it freezing on a shallow temperature. This freezing may damage the bag depending on how much flex it has.

External Design

Aqua bags are made out of a proprietary blend of something with a vinyl base. They are available in the following different colors: Blood Red, Bad Boy Blue, Black Eye, Fireball Orange, Haymaker Black, Red, and White & Blue. On the outside, they

The Bad Boy Blue Aqua Punching Bag is Aqua’s second largest bag. It has a dimension of 30” x 18” x 18” and can weigh up to 120 lbs if filled with water. Its form is a unique teardrop shape which would allow you to deliver powerful combinations including deep uppercuts.

Set Up

When you receive your order, it will come with the bag, the shackle, the chain, a menu, a screw type stopper, and a hose-filling nozzle. The installation is pretty straightforward – you have to find a stable part of the house to hang filled with water. 

However, for bags beyond 12” (or weighing at least 35 lbs), it would be advisable to attach it first before filling it with water. Otherwise, it will be hard for a person to carry and it by himself.

In setting up the bag, you will notice a hole in the body. This is where you should put in the nozzle to where water will flow into the container.

You may fill the container with water up to the point where you are comfortable. You do not need to fill it adequately. The hardness of the surface will to entirely be up to you, which is a good thing because basically, the weight is adjustable according to your liking.

Most boxers fill their gear up to 85% to 90%, so it still remains soft and smooth on the joints when throwing punches. After filling in the equipment with the right amount of water, put in the screw type stopper on the hole to lock.

Overall, it is easy to set up the aqua bag. Traditional punching bags which are already pre-filled with sand are obviously heavy.

It will require three to four men to set it up and hang it at home or in the gym. It will also be hard moving the bag around in case you need to transfer it because of its weight.

On the other hand, one person can set up the aqua bag as he can just hang and set it up initially empty.

Afterward, he can just simply fill in the bag with water. You can initially use a lighter bag by filling less water. Once you want it to be heavier, you can just simply add more water until it reached the optimal weight.

Comfort / Support

As mentioned earlier, the very reason why the aqua bags came into life is in response to the issue of comfort most boxers experience hitting a conventional training bag. Punching bags filled with water offer a different kind of ease of use as compared to traditional bags.

Shape and Angles

The aqua training bag is suitable for close combat fighters or those who throw a lot of hooks and uppercuts. This is because of its shape which is spherical or as the manufacturer would put it, they have a teardrop shape.

As you know, traditional or conventional training bags are either long and short but are straight, hard, and stiff. Hence, the traditional punching bags do not cater much to that combination of movements.

Also because of its shape, you can practice more of your powerful punching combinations, and you can do deep uppercuts with your aqua bag.

Aqua Training Bag Bad Boy Blue 21-Inch 190-Pound Punching Bag

Moreover, the bag has more space and angles for you to work on. This feature gives you and your training buddies numerous ways to train and workout for more extended hours.  


A sandbag or traditional training bag is composed of sand which makes it dense and heavy. So, once you hit it, it will swing and bounce off, and you will have to wait for it again for you to be able to do your combination.

Unlike the traditional bags, the aqua bags do not swing off or move around a lot when hit. The aqua bag barely runs no matter how hard you hit it. Uppercuts barely lift it.

Straights and hooks will move the bag a bit, but nothing compared to how wildly a massive conventional bag swings.

The stability of your training bags is so important especially if you attach it to any part of your house. The water effectively absorbs and flows around your every punch.

This, in turn, effects into far less movement compared to hitting a heavy bag which does not flex as much when hit.

This is a particularly severe worry when one is using a heavy conventional training bag, as it produces strong vibrations when hit. With aqua bags, that vibration is almost not felt. You can even hear the sound of your punches when hitting the sack.

For this reason, as long as your roof can handle the weight of the bag and the water inside, the aqua bag is recommendable for home setups.

Ease of punch on boxers

Aqua Training Bag Bad Boy Blue 21-Inch 190-Pound Punching Bag

Another benefit of using aqua punching bags is the ease it brings to the user.

In using traditional bags, the shoulders, elbow, wrist, suffer a lot of pressure. Good thing the aqua bag resolves these issues.

Since it is filled with water, it is easy on the joints, shoulders, wrists, and muscles. It can even be used for kicking training.

A lot of users usually comment that in kicking the bag it almost feels like you are kicking an actual person.

Punching and/or kicking the bag feels like you are hitting flesh and blood of a real opponent. 

For this reason, you can barely feel any impact on your hands. Also because your energy is absorbed, the bag gives you the ability to train harder and for more extended hours.

Usually, heavy bags tend to compress over time, and gravity pulls the fill/sand downwards. Because of this, you will notice that used an old bags are quite soft on the top and solid rock hard at the bottom.

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You do not need to hold back in hitting your bag. It can handle strong punches or kicks or combo of both. It is made of a commercial-grade vinyl composition which guarantees durability, as well as less wear and tears on your joints.

If you properly take care of your aqua bag, it is guaranteed to last long. The vinyl material makes the bag durable and resistant to scratch. You can even hit it with a bat and cause no damage on it.  

Our Rating

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