February 11, 2019/0

Orthodox vs. Southpaw Stance in Boxing

In boxing, your stance and foot placement are two essential things to consider. In a nutshell, these factors determine the effectiveness of your offense, defense, and footwork. When you start going into boxing, one of the things your instructor will ask you is if you are left or right-handed.  This is to determine the stance that will best work for you.Why is it important to know your stance?The best boxing stance for each boxer will be balanced between multiple important attributes for fighting.  The perfect boxing stance will give you power and defense, range and balance, flexibility and security, as well as stability and mobility.Apart from the ones mentioned, the proper boxing stance will also give you reliable power in each hand. Moreover, it will allow you to defend yourself in cases when you get counter-punched effectively. How to Find your Dominant HandThis means your jabs can be thrown by the weaker hand […]

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