November 10, 2017
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by TheBoxingGear

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is one of the most common questions poised to us as young adults.

It is engrained in us from a young age that we have to map out what we want to be in order to achieve it.

This is true if you ask anyone in their own field who has garnered success, it is because they set a goal and set out to achieve it.

One of the main things that some people dream about being one day is a famous sports athlete.

While that may be a pipe dream for some people, it does in fact happen for a lot of people when preparation meets opportunity.

It is all about being ready and having the training to become a professional athlete.

female fighters sparring session

One sport that numerous people want to excel in is the sport of boxing. Boxing sometimes gets a bad rep mainly because of the violence associated with it.

There are a lot of people who would not even deem it a sport, but we are here to say they are very wrong.

There is a lot more to boxing than meets the eye, and right now there is a resurgence of interest in the sport, even more so with the growing rise of the MMA and UFC, which is now a billion-dollar industry with professional players becoming famous across the globe.

If you want to become a professional boxer in the United States, it is not the easiest thing to do in the world, but it definitely is not impossible.

Today we will be setting up a guide for you, in order to achieve your level as a professional.

We hope you can take what we say and use it in order to actually become who you want to be.


This next section may come as a no brainer to some of you, but we wanted to expand on it.

There is no chance in the world that you will become a professional boxer in the US without any training.

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It does not matter how much you weigh or how big you are, if you have not trained with a professional coach there is no way of becoming a professional.

You need to understand the rules of the game, and know your proper technique and footwork.

This is going to help you last longer in the ring, and also reduce any risk of injury.

The first thing you need to do is find a coach who excels at the sport of boxing.

We recommend searching locally in your community for someone with a reasonable track record of people they have coached.

Some of them may be harder to get, but if you show them your drive and determination, maybe they will be more interested.

We must tell you right away that obviously the sport of boxing has a lot to do with your body type.

If you do not have enough muscle put on, you just are not going to survive.

Before even getting a coach, hit the gym and make sure you are in physical shape to even start training.

Through proper training, your coach should give you an even better warm-up routine and tell you what you should be eating while training.

Find the right coach

If you want to go professional, you need to find a coach who actually believes in your skill and your talent.

Do not go with someone who is just doing it for the quick cash. You will not move forward if you do not surround yourself with a team who believes in your ability.

If everyone is on board, and everyone is working for you to go professional, the chances of you succeeding are greater.

In order to actually go pro, you need to commit to the training put aside for you.

heavy bag trainer

Remember, this is going to be a sacrifice; it is not a walk in the park.

You must dedicate hours and hours to this, to work the body until it is ready to step into the professional ring.

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Working your way up

Now becoming a professional boxer in the U.S. does not happen overnight. It is a journey.

Think of it like any job: you start at an entry level position, doing smaller work and work your way up until you are one of the top dogs in your field.

The same is with boxing. With your coach, you should start locally in smaller circles for basically no money.

This is where you begin working your way up. All of these smaller fights create a sort of iceberg effect.

You know how icebergs go so far down into the ocean?

Well in order to get to the top of the iceberg, and hit your peak, you need to do all the ground work in order to get there.

It is all about making an impression and doing smaller fights and winning.

Once you beat everyone in one area, then you should start moving up to a higher scale with more experienced fighters.

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Getting management

In order to actually go pro, along with your coach, you are going to need a management team to book you fights and where you fight.

Once you are making a name for yourself, invite a manager or an agent to one of your fights.

Show them your style, and show them how well you fight. If you impress them, you should be signed right away.

Make them know you want it, and make them know you are willing to work for it.

With management now in place you can begin to call yourself a professional boxer in the US.

Always remember, that no matter how much money is involved, your craft is fighting, and in order to maintain professional status you are going to have to win the fights that you are in.


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