June 30, 2019
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In any hard game, athletes should also go hard in ensuring their safety in terms of all aspects.

One of the key things that keep them protected are mouth guards.

Players need to know its importance and the things to consider when buying one. 

Here, we’ll talk about all that plus 7 Best Mouthguards for Boxing and other contact sports.

Importance of Mouth Guards

A mouth guard is one of the key devices in the boxing arena and other contact games.

It’s a supple close-fitting device that an athlete wears over his teeth to cover both the teeth and gums and minimize or eliminate damages to the lips, arches, teeth, and gums.

Mouth guards serve as a shield when dealing with contact sports.

Using mouth guards helps athletes minimize the risk of dental, mouth, and facial injuries.

The most common injuries sports enthusiasts of all ages experience include tissue damage and cracked, knocked out, or broken teeth.

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Best Mouthguards For Boxing

1. SISU Mouth Guard Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit
2. Challenger Mouthguard Red Devil Venum MMA Boxing Sport
3. Redline Sportswear Mouth Guard
4. Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit Low Profile UA Hoops Mouthguard
5. PRO-TEC SERIES Youth Mouth Guard
6.LOUDMOUTHGUARDS Pacifier Lip Protector Mouthguard – Vampire Fang
7. Century Martial Arts Carnivore Sparring Mouth guard – Youth

Types of Mouth Guards

There are three main types of mouth guards:

Stock mouth guards 

These are the pre-made and ready-to-wear versions. This type is the least expensive, but the fitting range can also be limited.

Mouth formed mouth guards

They can either be a build-and-bite kind or a shell liner.

The former should be placed in boiling water before use and then molded to follow the contours of the teeth.

The latter needs to be lined with rubber or acrylic gel to mold the teeth and to keep its shape.


These are the most expensive types, but their degree of fit is also seamless.

They’re made from a cast that perfectly fits your teeth. A dentist’s help is required to get the final product.

Choosing the Right Mouth Guard

There are different mouth guards from different brands. But before we talk about the options, let’s talk about these main qualities of a good mouth guard.

It should allow you to breathe and speak comfortably. It also must not slip off the mouth. So, there should be a good blend of comfort and fit.

Ideal mouth guards are also durable, easy to clean, tasteless, odorless, and tear-resistant.

When buying a mouth guard, you should also consider its style and size. But you should give priority to picking the right size.

The mouth guard of your choice should also be composed of high-quality materials. The kind of materials used would resonate the quality.

Go for those made from POE, BPA, and those latex-free materials. Many people are allergic to latex-based mouth guards.

You should also do your homework and see if the materials used are CE and FDA approved.

Now that you know some of the key things to consider before buying a mouth guard, let’s try to lay out some of the best mouth guards for intense contact sports like boxing.

7 Best Mouthguards for Boxing

Boxing is one of the most intense contact sports, and a mouth guard is a requirement when engaging in this activity.

Whether you’re a new or an experienced boxer, you really need to choose the right mouth guard that can ensure your protection. Here are some of the top choices:

1. SISU Mouth Guard Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit

SISU Mouth Guards Aero 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard for Youth/Adults, Original, Charcoal Black

This mouthguard can be used by athletes age 11 and up.

In terms of design, it’s lightweight and 50% thinner than the usual mouth guards, promoting convenience and comfort.

Because of its slim fit, you can easily breathe, talk, and even drink without having to remove it. 

It uses the Diffusix technology that smartly distributes impact forces over a larger area to minimize the risk of dental injury from any contact game, like boxing, hockey, lacrosse, football, etc.

This mouth guard has a wider bite pad, improved mold-ability, and rounded edges for a seamless fit. Using hot water, you can easily mold and remold it at home.

The SISU guards are just compatible with braces, but you should still consult a dental professional for proper fitting.

For young athletes, the SISU Junior NextGen is recommended.

For the adult players who are into high-impact games, the SISU Max NextGen can do the job well.

In terms of guarantee, you can have your peace of mind as this model is backed by a $35,000 worth of one-year dental warranty protection.


  • Way more lightweight than other mouth guards in the market
  • Players can easily breathe, talk, and drink while wearing it
  • Advanced Diffusix technology
  • Great mold-ability, wider bite pad, and rounded edges
  • Compatible with braces


  • Can still have a better shock absorption feature
  • Too thin for some players

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2. Challenger Mouthguard Red Devil Venum MMA Boxing Sport

Venum Challenger Mouthguard - Black/Black, One Size

The Venum “Challenger” mouthguard is a great buddy if you want to perform hard in your match.

Its layout is built to be a perfect fit in the mouth and maximize protection. It also has an exclusive breathing channel for an intensified performance.

This “Challenger” mouth guard has a superior gel frame for better flexibility and comfort.

It’s backed with a high-density rubber frame which prepares it for sudden hits, boosting the overall protection further.

It also comes with a handy case for better hygiene.

However, it’s made from latex, so if you’re allergic to latex-based items, this might not be your first option.

If you have tried using latex-based mouth guards before and had no problem, then this could be a good choice.

This version is already the manufacturer’s new and improved entry with a perfect custom fit that keeps you safe and covered and ensures that it doesn’t slip off during the fight.


  • Has a good fit and offers a great level of protection
  • Gel frame for comfort and flexibility
  • Comes in a protective case to avoid dirt and breakage
  • Comes with an exclusive breathing channel
  • Has a high-density rubber frame to prepare for sudden attacks
  • Advanced design for easy breathing


  • Not made for users with braces
  • It can be difficult to talk while using the Venum mouth guard
  • Has latex-based components

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3. Redline Sportswear Mouth Guard

Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard

The Redline Sportswear MouthGuard is made with POE, BPA, and other latex-free materials.

It also comes in a vented case (custom-designed) to minimize, if not get rid, of bacteria.

For extra hygienic factor, it also is supported by the boil and bite technology.

It is also it easy to use, protects gums, teeth, and lips well, and fits the user’s mouth seamlessly.

This thick mouth guard can receive high-impact attacks, like elbow strikes, without a problem. 

However, because of its bulky nature, you can no longer breathe and talk normally.

It can be used by both children and adult (with some alteration needed).

And the level of protection and usability it offers is ideal for any contact sport on top of boxing, like ice hockey, karate, kickboxing, and other contact sports.

However, it’s a bit thicker, so it might not be too much for sports like basketball.


  • Great for both adult and children
  • Has a custom-designed vented case for hygiene purposes
  • A great option for all kinds of contact sports
  • Comes with a number of color variations to suit your team color.
  • Can be boiled
  • Affordable


  • If boiled a few seconds more than the recommended time, it can quickly deform.
  • Players can’t talk and breathe normally

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4. Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit Low Profile UA Hoops Mouthguard

Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit Low Profile UA Hoops Mouthguard, Clear, Adult

This USA-based mouth guard is also another option that is ideal for almost all contact sports there are.

The fit is outstanding, like that of a dentist’s fitting. Plus, it allows you to talk and breathe easily. It’s even chew-resistant.

You can microwave, boil, and remold them anytime. Its level of comfort is also extraordinary.

When placed inside the mouth, you nearly can’t feel it as compared to other mouth guards that feel too bulky.

It has a lightweight feature that adds to the overall comfort. You can adjust it well, so it’s a pretty flexible choice as well.

Its single shot feature that offers a perfect custom sit is just like what you usually see the pros wearing.

To achieve this custom-like fit, just microwave it for 45 seconds or boil it for 30 seconds. Its dental warranty is up to $32,000.


  • Perfect for nearly all sports
  • Latex-free
  • Can let you breathe and talk quite comfortably
  • Dentist-like fitting
  • Comes in various sizes


  • Not for players with braces
  • Available in one size only for age 11 and up

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5. PRO-TEC SERIES Youth Mouth Guard

XCELER8 Athletics Youth Mouth Guard for Sports Custom Fit, Chew Resistant Protection Mouthguard

The Youth Mouth Guard has a dual layer design, which is different from a single layer mouth guard.

Its clear outer layer also enables air infusion. The dual air pads reliably interlock the upper and lower molar, keeping the jaw protected during collisions.

It has a soft gel lining in its inner later which easily fits to the teeth and gums, promoting a good level of comfort.

This Youth mouth guard is, as the name suggests, a mouth guard for the youth. It’s great for young boys and girls 13 years old and below.

You can also trim this mouth guard if necessary. You can remold it up to 10 times.

The materials it’s made with are 100% approved by the FDA. Like many good models, it also has an antimicrobial case to get rid of dirt and reduce the chances of breakage.


  • An affordable option
  • Outstanding dual layer protection
  • Allows multiple custom fits
  • Has a dual vented container
  • Free from latex and PVC-based components—100% FDA certified


  • Exclusive only to children 13 years old and below
  •  Can’t be used by children with braces

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6. LOUDMOUTHGUARDS Pacifier Lip Protector Mouthguard – Vampire Fang

LOUDMOUTHGUARDS Pacifier Lip Protector Mouthguard

LOUDMOUTHGUARDS Pacifier Mouth Guard is another viable option or you.

It’s made up of 100% medical grade hypoallergenic silicone and other thick, solid, and sturdy materials.

You don’t need to boil and mold it for you to start using it.

It has a pacifier style lip protector with a handy removable strap and some dual action breathe holes for easy breathing and smooth airflow.

This oval design covers the lip area well which avoids abrasion and protects your teeth thoroughly.

It comes with one size only which is said to fit all. But in terms of comfort, this mouth guard does have it.

The materials are stain and odor resistant as well. Overall, it’s a worthwhile choice.


  • A good lip protection as well
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Users with braces can use this
  • Dishwasher safe


  • For those who are particular with hygiene, this mouth guard can’t be boiled.
  • Though made from sturdy materials, they can still be ripped sooner or later.

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7. Century Martial Arts Carnivore Sparring Mouth guard – Youth

Century Martial Arts Carnivore Sparring Mouthguard

Century Carnivore Mouth Guard will not only give you protection but will also add a feel of intimidation to your game-on look.

It gently molds around your teeth to be prepared for strikes from any direction, especially when you’re on the defensive mode.

Its construction is not too bulky, which entails a contoured fit. You can boil and mold it for maximum coverage and comfort. 

Whether you’re getting direct or side strikes, this its thorough coverage guarantees your protection.


  • Offers a full coverage without being too hard
  • Great for all kinds of contact sport
  • Perfect for users young and old
  • Available in various ranges


  • Not designed for users with braces
  • The bottom teeth are not well protected

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Final Thoughts

For intense sports training and final matches, an intense level of protection must also be covered.

Finding the right gear can sometimes be a challenge but there are a lot of good options out there to choose from.

A mouth guard is not just an option but a necessity in physically dangerous kinds of sports.

Choosing the right mouth guard is definitely not something that should be taken too lightly.

That is why you should be careful in choosing the kind of mouth guard that can give the right blend of everything that matters: durability, protection, coverage, size, style, comfort, and so on.

These are just 7 Best Mouthguards for Boxing among the many you can choose from. Just pick the type that fits your needs and budget.

As long as you make an informed purchase, you are more likely to get satisfied with your final choice.

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