June 30, 2019
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by TheBoxingGear

Boxing is a sport of artistry, of finesse, of timing, and of dexterity. It is also a sport of strength, of speed, and of aggression.

This seeming contradiction defines boxing — as a sport and as a martial art.

People are drawn to the sport for any number of reasons, including an attraction to one or more than one of the things just listed.

When a newcomer enters the boxing gym for the first time, these are often the things that fill their hearts.

But there is more to boxing than the commitment to abstract ideals.

Boxing is in many respects a game of practicality — of the brute, everyday routine of going to the gym, hitting a bag, training, sparring, sweating, burning.

In this way, what a young boxer (even if they are not young in age) should be thinking about is what is right in front of them and what is materially demanded by the sport.

They should be thinking about the bag that they hit, the rope that they jump, the gloves and tape on their fists and the shoes on their feet.

This gear makes up the heartbeat and the pulse of boxing training.

Everyone knows that gloves are important, and if you are just beginning you have probably spent considerable time looking into gloves.

You may also know the importance of good bags to hit, of a quality gym, and of good trainers and partners. But you may not have considered the importance of your shoes.

Boxing shoes are important

Since boxing is so much about timing, it is as much about a boxer’s feet as it is about their hands.

You need footwear that is light and strong, and that will grab the canvass.

This is why they make boxing shoes — so that your feet can move with as much discipline and intention as your hands.

If your feet are standard issue, then it will be easy to find a standard issue set of shoes. But if you have wide feet or flat feet, it may be harder to find what you need.

This article will review three pairs of shoes — one pair that is ideal for wide feet, one that is ideal for flat feet, and a third that is great for both.

These are quality shoes at prices that you can likely afford.

Getting the right kind of footwear is extremely important, and these pairs of shoes will get you going in the right direction.

Product Name

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Top Rated Boxing Shoes

1. Ringside Diablo Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes

2. Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot

3. Rival Boxing Boots (Low Top With Mesh)

4. TITLE Predator Boxing Shoes

Top Rated Boxing Shoes

If you have wide feet, then you likely already know the pain of buying shoes. It can be extremely difficult to find something you want that will also fit you.

And when you do, it is even harder to find a pair that won’t set you back too much.

When you are looking for specialty shoes — boxing shoes in this case — it can be even harder.

There are already not very many companies that make quality boxing shoes (not, at least, as many as there are that make fashion shoes), and now you need to find a pair that is both affordable and suited to wide feet.

Unfortunately, this is difficult. Fortunately, you do have some options. Here are two great choices for you.

1.Ringside Diablo Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo is constructed with a rubber sole meaning you won’t slip during routines.

The mesh panels also ensure that your feet are properly ventilated.

It offers good ankle support and the ankle area is padded for extra support and comfort.

It is specifically designed for people with wide feet so these boxing shoes ensure you are able to move around and jump faster.

Ringside Diablo offers a great quality boxing shoe for wide feet. If you are on a tight budget, then this is also an affordable choice.

Even though there is a lot of padding, it can take up to two weeks to fully ‘’break-in’’ to the shoe.


  • Designed for people with wide feet
  • Rubber sole for extra grip
  • Well-ventilated
  • Great ankle support


  • Sizing might be too small, so use a sizing chart or go one size up

Our Rating

2. Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot

If you are looking for a great pair of high top boxing boots, and if you have wide feet, then these boots by Reebok should be at the top of your list.

They are strong, durable, and light given their size.

They provide a lot of support and also include an ankle strap.

They are designed to grip the canvas of the boxing ring’s mat, and they are great for all purpose boxing training.

These boots also run wide and roomy enough to fit even very wide feet.

If you have been searching in vain for great boots for your wide feet to use at the boxing gym, then your search may have ended.


  • Imported
  • Synthetic non-slip sole
  • Lightweight
  • Supportive
  • Ankle strap included
  • High-cut design


  • These shoes are very high, and with the added ankle strap may seem restricting to some.

Our Rating

3. Rival Boxing Boots (Low Top With Mesh)


These boots, which were great for people with wide feet, are also great for flat feet.

They offer not only a lot of room for larger feet, but a lot of support for your arches. 

And they do this all while staying lightweight enough to allow you to move quickly.

They are comfortable and durable, light and fast, and will do just what you need them to as you train.

If you have flat feet and need boxing shoes, then these are a great option.


  • Thin and flexible
  • High-top
  • Supportive of your arches
  • A lot of grip
  • Inexpensive


  • They may be bulkier than what you need if you don’t have wide feet.

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4. TITLE Predator Boxing Shoes

These eye-catching, high-top boxing shoes are designed for all purpose boxing training — and to be used by anyone — but they are ideal for flat-footed boxers.

TITLE is a great brand, and makes a number of high quality training supplies for boxers of all types.

Their Predator boxing shoes are strong and light, and will grip the mat in a way that allows you to move decisively but also freely.

They are high top, lace up shoes without an ankle strap.

These shoes are sturdy and supportive, both at the ankle (even without a bulky ankle strap) and on the shoes bottom.

This makes them well suited to supporting your flat feet, as they cradle your arches and ensure that your feet remain comfortable (and not injured).




High top design

Contouring upper section molds to your upper ankle and lower calf



Some people might find the design on the shoes garish

Our Rating

The Benefits of Wearing Boxing Shoes

If you are training to be a boxer, then you may wonder whether you need boxing shoes. You may think that you can do it all in sneakers.

But this really isn’t the case. Not only are boxing shoes required for competition, but they come with a lot of benefits for training and sparring.

First, boxing shoes are lightweight, thin, and hug your feet closely. This encourages fast feet, which is so important in boxing.

As you move, you position yourself to defend and to strike, and footwork is perhaps the most important thing — along with timing — that a boxer can train.

If you don’t have the right footwear, you will likely not be able to move your feet quickly enough.

Second, boxing shoes are supportive at the ankle.

Generally, they are high-top boots, and they sometimes have an ankle strap for added support.

This is both for effectiveness and for safety.

It helps you land on your feet the way you should be — with the proper ankle alignment — and it also protects your ankles by preventing them from turning.

Third, boxing shoes are designed specifically for use on the mat of a boxing ring.

This means that their soles are made to both grip the mat extremely well and allow you to quickly reposition yourself.

This means that you have more power, can make better decisions with your feet, and can maneuver yourself more quickly.

Who Should Buy Boxing Shoes?

Clearly, if you are a competing boxer, then you need boxing shoes. You won’t be able to step into the ring without them.

But not only competitive boxers need them.

First, any boxers training at a boxing gym will need these shoes.

They will be used especially when you spar in a ring, and for all of the reasons mentioned above they will help you to fight and train better and more safely.

Second, any amateur boxers who may not be training at a gym (this is not recommended) should have boxing shoes.

While you may not be required to wear them, they will help you in your training.

They will allow you to move more quickly and decisively, with more power, and they will help you be a better boxer.

Third, any training fighter who wants to work in a boxing ring and train in boxing footwork should have a pair of quality boxing shoes.

This includes kickboxers who also want to train in western boxing, and it also includes MMA fighters who want to develop their footwork, power, and speed.

Many non-boxers train in boxing rings, and all of them need proper footwear.

Do You Need Shoes For Wide Or Flat Feet?

There are people who have feet that are wide that don’t have wide feet per se, and there are people who have less natural arch support that don’t have flat feet per se.

These people may not need to purchase shoes — normally — that are designed for wide or flat feet, and they may not need to make special considerations when buying boxing shoes.

But there are other people who have wide enough or flat enough feet that special considerations are needed.

Many of these people will be looking, even as they buy regular footwear for their daily lives, to purchase shoes that accommodate their wide or flat feet.

For those people, it is obvious that they will need boxing shoes that do the same thing.

But there are people who do not normally make special considerations who may want to consider buying boxing shoes that will fit their wider than normal feet or support their flat arches.

Since boxers train on their feet — and train hard and long, jumping and moving around a lot — there is tremendous strain put on their feet.

If a person has wider than normal feet and their shoes fit too tightly, this will most certainly cause problems.

They will experience pain and soreness, and even injury, and not be able to train as much.

If a person has flat feet, then it is essential that they find a pair of boxing shoes that will support their arches: Without this support, the constant moving and jostling and jumping and hopping of boxing training will surely cause them pain and injury.

These problems are easy enough to avoid — simply look at the shoes that are on this list and be sure to buy a pair that accommodates your feet.

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