July 15, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

What do you think is the most physically demanding sport of all time? Some would lean towards sports like football or hockey, because of the heavy exercising of the body during the sport.

Some would say long-distance running because of the various speeds that you will be having to train at, and the ability to do cardio over the period of a long distance.

However, we think the most physically demanding sport has to be the sport of boxing.

Not only are you engaging every single muscle group while you are in the ring, but you are also allowing your body to take quite a beating.

There is no other sport that places the body fully under this much pain and stress, and it is going to amount to a very tough sport.


The sport of boxing is pretty simple when you get down to it. It is two opponents in a ring, trying to knock out the other one. 

While some fighting styles try to win the rounds, every boxer will tell you that getting a knock out is just easier as then you will not have to go through the stress of extra rounds.

Taking Care Of Your Body

Obviously, with such an intense sport, you need to be able to develop your body enough to get it to a level to actually be in the ring.

If you do not have the proper training equipment, you are bound to be a lot sorer and it can lead to serious injury.

As with all sports, it is all about the preparation.

boxer showing abs

If you look at any professional boxer, you will find them spending hours each day strengthening their muscles and preparing their bodies for the next fight.

If you are interested in boxing, you need to know the best boxing workouts for beginners.

We are going to break down numerous workout routines and strategies that will pave a way for success in the ring.

We are going to shed light on some that you may have overlooked, and try and get you to have a well-rounded experience, engaging all the muscle groups that you can.

Keep in Mind…

That you should be doing all of these workouts with your coach present, or at least someone with a bit more experience than you. 

These workouts are all about form and proper technique; if you do not have the proper form in place, you can get seriously injured when you are doing these workouts.

Having someone there to spot you and also tell you what you can work on is going to go a long way and we really recommend it.

With that being said, let’s get to the best boxing workouts for beginners.

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Boxing weight training

The first subject of workouts that we are going to talk about is weight training.

athletes training in the gym

These are exercises where you are actually going to use weights in order to gain muscle and strength in the entire body. 

The point of boxing is to have the strongest punch so that when you connect it to an opponent, you are more likely to actually do more damage to them.

We are going to walk you through the areas that you should strengthen and what you can do to actually develop these areas.

The first area we are going to be focusing on is the arms.

The arms are probably the most important area to strengthen when it comes to boxing as this is where all of your strength is going to come into play; this is where you punch from, and this is where you are going to endure a lot of strain while boxing.

The first muscle group that you should focus on is the biceps. You are going to want to do some curls that will strengthen your biceps.

Find a weight that works for you and try to do 5 sets of 10 reps.

Get a feel for the weight 

If you are finding that you can get through all the reps with no problem and that you feel like you are not pushing yourself, up the weight class. 

This is going to allow you to put more muscle onto the body and actually push yourself during the workout. If you are not pushing yourself, you are not going to see results.

There are machines at the gym that will work out your arms as well. Try doing deadlifts, and work the machines in order to work out your chest.

Some of the best ways to develop the chest is through bench presses, where we strongly recommend you have someone there to spot you and help you out.

empty boxing ring

The key to all of the weight training with the arms is to make sure you are doing the right amount of reps with the correct among of sets.

You want to be continually doing this correctly to give you the best results.

The sport of boxing is a full-body workout, and you need to prepare the entire body for it.

Many new beginners when it comes to boxing only focus on the arms because they think that is where all of their strength should lie.

But it is about strengthening the entire body to get you where you are going to want to be.

The shoulders, the back, and the legs are also very important in boxing. Remember you will be using so many muscle groups.

Leg training is important

People often underestimate the power of the legs when it comes to boxing. You will be on your feet the entire time, and you will be moving a lot on your feet.

athlete leg training

The legs have to be engaged and fully formed to make your actions that much better.

You need to ensure that you are doing leg presses and leg pulls while being at the gym using weights.

Something you should note is you should figure out what weight class you want to be in when it comes to boxing.

Remember, muscles weigh more than fat. If you are looking to excel in a certain weight category you need to figure out how much weight you have to put on.

If you gain too much, it is going to throw you into a category and class that you may not want to be in.

This is why it is so important to have a trainer with you in order to excel in your boxing weight training.

By gaining more muscle and adding to your strength, you are going to excel at the sport of boxing.

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Boxing exercises for weight loss

You can actually do boxing exercises and not want to ever get in the ring.

People are starting to fully understand how much boxing can do for your overall physical fitness and losing weight.

Boxing exercises allow you to engage the entire body, working on cardio and enhancing your strength.

weight scale

If you commit to the boxing exercises, you will lose weight in no time.

We fully believe that you should get either a punching bag or have someone hold punching gloves to do a lot of these exercises.

To do your full cardio workout, you can first start by getting a jump rope.

This is going to get the heart going and is a staple for a lot of boxers to get in shape and get their heart going.

Now your attire is very important when you are going to the gym, especially when it comes to boxing.

We recommend that you take the time to go shopping and buy some sweats to wear.

Wearing a sweater is just a way to really get the sweat going and to get the calories burnt.

Check out this video by Super Shauny Man showing boxing fat burning workouts:

Exercising with the punching bag 

Once you move on from the jump rope, you can then move on to exercise with punching bags with your gloves on to get the heart rate going.

boxing trainer punching a bag

It is a great way to get any pent-up anger out and also unleash the strength in your arms.

If you are looking to tone your arms, taking some time to put into a punching bag is definitely going to help shape them and develop them.

The main reason that boxing exercises will work for your weight loss is through repetition and commitment to your actual exercises.

You are going to want to do them over and over again and actually push yourself.

We recommend setting aside 1 hour a day for a full boxing workout so you can commit some time to losing weight. 

You should still have a few rest days to let the body recuperate and recover. If you allow that to happen you will lose more weight.

For the final tip when it comes to losing weight while doing boxing workouts, you have to make the effort to watch what you are eating.

If you want to put on muscle you will have to fuel your diet with protein especially after a workout.

However, if you want to lose weight, just watch your portions and control how much junk food you are eating.

It is crucial that you do this, or else you are really not going to see any difference in your weight and the way you look.

Always remember it is a journey, and even if you do not see results right away, we promise you that through commitment your body will change for the better.

Check out this video by Fight TIPS on 3 great heavy bag drills:

Boxing exercises with no equipment

One of the best things about boxing workouts for beginners is that you do not need to buy equipment to actually get to the level where you want to be.

You can simply jog on the spot and do a lot of cardio work without equipment.

You can easily do squats, which do not need any equipment, and you can also take the time to do push ups and sit ups.

man shadow boxing

Planking is also going to be your best friend, as it engages a lot of great muscle groups.

To warm up the shoulders, you can simply punch the air and get a rhythm going, while moving your feet around. This warms up the body, preparing it for a boxing match.

Heavy bag workout

One of the staples when it comes to boxing is punching a heavy bag for a workout.

You need to work with a heavy hanging bag if you want to really get the most out of your boxing workouts in order to understand the mechanics of giving punches.

You should be wearing boxing gloves when you are doing all of this, so they will absorb most of the impact.

Try various styles of hitting the bag from jabs to hooks, whenever you can.

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Speed bag workout

One of our favourite workouts for beginners is using a speed bag. It may look easy but it is an incredible workout especially on the arms.

women training with a speed bag

You hang the speed bag on a higher level so your arms are raised as you hit it.

It is crucial that you do this, because it helps with your hand-eye coordination and gets everything in gear.

If you use a speed bag, try and time it for a long amount of time. You are going to want to work it longer than 5 minutes.

We recommend working a couple minutes, taking a break, and then going back at it. It will be amazing if you get it down.


We wish you the best in doing boxing workouts, and all of the ones above are definitely easy for beginners.

We know that through your commitment and through your determination, you will excel in this hard sport.

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