June 1, 2019
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Focus mitts, also known as coaching pads, target pads, and punch mitts, are hand-held pads that have a diameter of about 12 inches.

They are usually made of dense foam enclosed in vinyl or leather.

This article will mainly cover the 9 best focus mitts for boxing, martial arts, and kickboxing training.

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Best Focus Mitts For Boxing

1. Block-It Focus
2. Everlast EverGel
3. Pro Impact curved
4. Meister MMA Target
5. Title Boxing Platinum
6. RDX Cowhide
7. RDX Thai Strike
8. Ringside Heritage
9. TOOGOO 2X Focus Pads Hook Jab

The Importance of Focus Mitts Training

Target pads are held by a training partner or a coach at varying positions, levels, and ranges.

The pad holder and the puncher work together to develop defensive and offensive skills, condition the body, and sharpen reflexes.

Hitting these pads is not only intellectually stimulating but also a great workout. Other benefits are discussed below.

Improves boxer’s technique and aim

Focus mittstraining helps in improving aims and techniques of a boxer. His hand-eye coordination is also enhanced as he directs the fists towards the pads.

In most cases, inexperienced boxers tend to be hesitant when it comes to throwing combinations.

This is because they find it uncomfortable. Focus mitts training helps in solving this problem.

The pads help one improve his targeting capabilities hence minimizing his chances of missing marks in an actual match.

He becomes more accurate with his shots.

The combinations he performs during the focus mitts training remains embedded into his muscles memory and can unleash them with ease during the real fight.

Teaches proper understanding of distance

Distance and spacing are important aspects when it comes to boxing.

With coaching pads, a trainee will be able to gain a better understanding of whether he is out or within the range, both defensively and offensively.

There are 2 kinds of boxers, inside fighters and outside fighters.

Inside fighters like shortening the gap between them and their opponents and also digging their forehead into the chest of their opponents during the fight.

On the other hand, outside fighters prefer staying at arm’s length so as to be able to unload long and rangy punches.

Focus mitts training helps trainees enhance spatial intelligence and also acquire a better understanding of their optimal distance.

In other words, it enables a trainee to know whether he is either an inside fighter or an outside fighter.

With this knowledge, one will be able to play with his strengths during the fight.

Simulates an actual boxing match

Focus mitts training helps beginner boxers know how an actual boxing match feels.

Sparring and hitting focus mitts enable trainees to practice real-world combinations that center on the right execution and technique.

As a trainer mimics the movement of an actual opponent, a trainee gets the right understanding on what to do under certain situations.

Why Should a Trainer Buy Focus Mitts?

Focus mitts enable a trainee to perform a variety of fighting games and drills.

Since there are many different ways to use these pads, it is easy to keep the training of a beginner interesting and fun.

Some more reasons why a trainer should buy focus mitts are explained below.

Focus mitts are inexpensive.

Focus mitts are relatively cheap compared to many other boxing training equipment.

They are commonly sold at martial art stores or sporting houses at pocket-friendly prices.

Since they do not have to be mounted or installed, they are the most appropriate where the space available is limited.

Focus mitts are portable.

Unlike facilities such as heavy bags, focus mitts are light, small, and portable.

A trainer can easily put them in his bag and take them to any place he likes. This is one of the reasons why many trainers prefer them.

Focus mitts supplement heavy bag training.

All impact training can stress the body. One is likely to get injured if he hits too often or too hard.

Punching power increases more rapidly than the body can adapt to cope with that impact energy.

This crystal clearly shows that time for adaptation is needed before the ligaments and tendons can become more resilient and stronger.

Moderate training is usually done for a period of about six to ten weeks. After this period, a trainee can commence intense training.

Focus mitts help trainees acquire the right skills and energy during the adaptation period.

These pads allow starters to work on their punching power with less strain on their connective tissues and joints.

This enables them to work their way up to a more challenging heavy bag training that is usually harder on the body.

Focus mitts are stress inoculation.

Many individuals are worried with the idea of being punched in a fight. On the other hand, many people are terrified with the idea of hitting another person.

With focus mitts, a trainee is desensitized to the fear of being hit by being exposed to regulated amounts of impact within a low stress and non-threatening environment.

Buying Considerations for Focus Mitts


Many different manufacturers manufacture focus mitts. Some companies manufacture pads of higher quality than others.

One should, therefore, be careful during the selection in order to come up with a facility that is most appropriate for him.

Besides the personal preference, one can also consider the history of buying goods from that brand.

Strength of Pad Holder

Before one can buy focus mitts, he should make sure that the individual to train with has enough strength to withstand the punches being thrown.

Making a good choice will not only make the training effective but also enjoyable and productive.


A trainer should decide whether to buy new or used pads. Naturally, new ones are sold at higher prices compared to the used ones.

Furthermore, they are usually sold while in their original packaging. On the other hand, used models come in different levels of condition.

A buyer should know which pad can help him get into his ambition.

Gloves and Price

The amount, at which these pads are being sold, is likely to vary with the products.

Some of the factors that affect the price of focus mitts are the condition, whether the pads are straight or curved, how old the facilities are, and the brand.

A trainee should wear boxing gloves when hitting the pads. Some pads come with boxing gloves included.

Three Categories of Focus Mitts

General Purpose Pads

General purpose or fitness pads are most appropriate for trainers who handle mass classes for boxing training.

General purposes pads should be easy to slip off and on. Most importantly, they should be able to protect the trainer from incoming punches.

Professional Boxing Pads

A trainer who trains clients who punch hard or professional boxers will require professional boxing pads.

These facilities contain enough cushions within the pad and can protect the trainer’s wrist.

Specialist Safety Pads

Specialized safety focus pads are designed to offer maximum protection. They have a control bar at their back. This enables them to hold up and remain in the intended position when in use. They must not slip off during the training session.  

9 Best Focus Mitts Reviews 

1. Block-It Focus

These are excellent focus mitts. They have a padded gel center that plays an important role when it comes to absorbing strong punches.

Facilities of this type allow a trainer to take his training to a better level.

They help a trainee build strength and improve techniques because they minimize the chance of injury.


  • Appropriate for heavy hitters
  • Easy and quick cleaning process
  • Added Gel padding for better shock absorption
  • Suitable for boxing, Thai Boxing, Kickboxing, and Karate


  • Poor stitching and can split

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2. Everlast EverGel

Everlast EverGel Mantis Punch Mitts

Focus mitts of this type are constructed with a breathable mesh and advanced gel that keeps the hands of the user dry during the entire training period.

They do not only enhance the safety of a trainee’s hands, but they also help utilize energy efficiently.


  • Appropriate for boxers of all levels
  • Strong and tough Velcro strap system
  • Padded wrist support and mentis shape combine to offer superior hand safety and comfort


  • Area of contact could be bigger

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3. Pro Impact curved

Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts Genuine Leather ($85 Value)

These mitts are constructed using premium-quality black leather. They have a white target circle within their center to enhance accuracy.

This feature makes them one of the most appropriate types for the starters.

Most importantly, they have a sweat lining that helps them stay functional and fresh during the training session.


  • They have more padding than most other models
  • Easy to hit because they have a wide face
  • Constructed using a durable leather


  • Not appropriate for someone with small hands because they can slip out easily

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4. Meister MMA Target

Contour Padded Target Punch Mitts (Pair) for MMA & Boxing

They have a synthetic leather body which is not only flexible but also resilient.

They have contoured hand pockets that help the user to have an easy time when it comes to glove control.

In simple terms, Meister MMA target can help one train with power and accuracy.


  • Slightly curved to enhance accuracy
  • They have carabiner tie to help them remain together
  • Super lightweight and durable synthetic leather body


  • Not appropriate for large hands

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5. Title Boxing Platinum

TITLE Platinum Punch Mitts Pair

These can be a perfect choice for trainers.

They have an anatomically curved design which is appropriate for enhancing durability despite countless hooks, jabs, and uppercuts.

Most importantly, they have a special shock-absorbing padding.


  • They have rear finger cover to enhance protection
  • Special contoured shock-absorbing padding
  • Moisture wicking


  • They are too light for serious hitters
  • Do not absorb punches and one’s elbow can be hurt if he misses catching the punch
  • Too hard

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6. RDX Cowhide

RDX Cowhide Leather Boxing Hook & Jab Pads MMA Strike Shield Thai Kick Focus Punching Mitts Target Training, White

These types have a state-of-art breathable technology and 3 layers of incorporated gel foam padding.

This enables them to be efficient when it comes to absorbing grueling hits. They are suitable for kickboxing fighters, boxing, and general workouts as well.


  • Good grip because of domed palm pads
  • Ventilated channels ensures that hands remain dry
  • Lightweight for fluidity


  • They have a horrible smell

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7. RDX Thai Strike

RDX Boxing Hook & Jab Pads MMA Target Focus Punching Mitts Thai Strike Kick Shield, White

The RDX Thai Strike have a rounded mound for the good of user’s palm.

They place the hands of a user in a natural cupping position which is most appropriate for absorbing blows.

This makes the user feel comfortable while using them. They are easy to slip off and on owing to Velcro wrist strap.


  • Closures are reliable and tight
  • Moisture-wicking interiors
  • Durable Maya Hide construction
  • Perforations for ventilation purposes


  • Holding straps constructed using materials that deteriorate with use

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8. Ringside Heritage

Ringside Heritage Panther Genuine Leather Boxing MMA Punch Mitt

These focus mitts provide trusted protection and quality. Besides being lightweight, ringside heritage have a genuine cowhide leather design.

They are usually bigger than many other types and helps trainers take punches and kicks well.


  • Innovative impact-reducing foam
  • Durable hook support straps
  • Appropriate for coaches taking heavy punches


  • They may not be appropriate for heavy trainers because they are lightweight

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9. TOOGOO 2X Focus Pads Hook Jab

They are the most appropriate when it comes to practicing hooks and jabs. They are constructed using durable and high-quality leather.

They have dense foam padding that offers maximum shock absorption hence optimal protection during combative training.

Furthermore, they have Velcro fastener for a secure fit.


  • Lightweight for extra comfort
  • Dense foam padding for protection
  • Contrast stitching


  • They do not absorb the hits well because they are lightweight
  • Have a horrible smell
  • Easy to break

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Final thought

A trainee, who wants to develop his punching skills quickly, should design versatile and challenging training sessions, and also condition his body with fight-related exercises.

Most importantly, he should consider choosing focus mitts that will provide him with the right toughness, durability, and comfort.

With any of the 9 Best Focus Mitts for Boxing discussed above, a trainee can get into his dreams.

However, one should consider his budget and needs before making a decision.

When one makes an informed purchase, he is likely to be satisfied with the final choice.   

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