June 30, 2019
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Whether you are an ordinary boxing practitioner or a professional one, it is very important to use a groin protector in every training and sparring activity.

Groin Protector is an essential equipment to boxers and all people who practice martial arts. Let us find out below the 5 best groin protectors for boxing today.

The Importance of Groin Protectors

A groin protector is the most important equipment a boxer should wear in every training or sparring session.

This piece of gear protects our groin and other body parts near to it from any accidental hit that might happen during training.

For boxers, accidental low blows are normal occurrence during an intense sparring session.

To protect boxers from any unbearable pain and other injuries resulting from an accidental hit, it is essential to wear a groin protector.

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5 Best Groin Protectors

1. Winning Protective Cup Standard CPS 500

2. Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector (Shorts with Built-in Jock Strap)

3. Cleto Reyes Kidney and Foul Protection Cup

4. Groin Guard by Blok – IT

5. Cleto Reyes Traditional No-Foul Protector

Types of Groin Protectors

Below are two types of groin protectors that you can use during training.

Compression shorts or jockstraps – these are guards that you can wear underneath your training shorts instead of underwear. 

These types of groin protector are known for their tightness and versatility enabling the user to move freely and actively.

Groin Protectors that you can wear over the training shorts are protectors that are mostly used in boxing. 

This kind of groin protectors was designed to protect the groin area and the other sensitive body parts around it from accidental low blows that might happen during a sparring session.

Best Time to Use Groin Protectors 

A groin protector was developed to be used during training or a sparring session. 

It was designed to protect an individual from accidental hits that might occur during the training.

If you are scheduled to have a training plan ahead and make sure not to forget the important equipment that you will bring, your groin protector gear. 

Choosing the Right Groin Protectors

There are many factors to consider before buying a groin protector gear. With so many options to choose from different brands, consider these factors below:

Protection Quality

Different brands offer a different level of protection to the user.

A groin protector that is made up of good quality material will protect much better from any hard impact that might happen during training or sparring.

Fit and Comfort

Aside from protection, another factor to consider is comfortability.

A user who is not comfortable enough while wearing the groin protector might perform badly during training.

For your comfort, it is very important to look for a groin protector that is best suited for your build and body type.


Choosing the right size will be beneficial as it also affects the performance of the user during training.

Choosing a groin protector that is too big might makes the gear move that make your protection an issue.

It should be noted that each brand have directions in choosing the right size that will fit for you.


This is always a factor when buying something and groin protectors are not exempted.

Your personal budget and the gear’s quality should be a consideration before finally choosing the right groin protector for you.

Now that you already know the factors to consider when buying a groin protector, let’s discuss the top 5 best groin protectors available in the market today.

5 Best Groin Protectors for Boxing 

Boxers need equipment to ensure safety when doing this intense contact sport.

One gear that a boxer need is a groin protector that they can use during training or sparring session. Below are the top 5 groin protectors available:

1. Winning Protective Cup Standard CPS 500

Winning Protective Cup Standard Cps500 (Black, Medium)

This groin protector brand is one of the best in this field. 

Winning has been providing world-class boxers gears such as boxing gloves, cups, headgear, mitts, and groin protectors to name a few.

All these boxing gears are of highest quality, and the Protective Cup standard CPS 500 is no exception.

This groin detector is famous of its lightness and is made up of genuine leather.

The design and construction are strongly and solidly built making it one of the most durable groin protectors available.

Price is relatively high compared to its competitors but in exchange, you will have a groin protector that is of highest quality and durability.


  • Strong and solid build construction
  • Shock absorption is at its best
  • Durability
  • Lightness
  • Wide Color selection


  • High Price

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2. Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector (Shorts with Built-in Jock Strap)

Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts System with Built-in Jock Strap, Small

Featuring a 4-jock strap system to keep everything in place, the gear offers protection, comfort, and overall fit.

The cup has elastomer design and the poly-carbonate that can give excellent protection and can absorb impact with ease. Price is a bit expensive but still competitive.


  • Excellent protection
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible


  • Sizes are small
  • High Price

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3. Cleto Reyes Kidney and Foul Protection Cup

Cleto Reyes Kidney and Foul Protection Cup - Black (Small)

This Mexican brand is famous in providing boxing gear to high profile boxers and boxing matches.

This groin protector has heavily padded edges that make it very stable, allowing you to move with ease during a sparring session.

This protector also has elastic straps that you can adjust according to your comfort and preference.

The straps will provide your “perfect fit” and will improve the stability of the groin protector.

The gear offers better quality compared to the competitors with the same price range.


  • Strong and solid built construction.
  • Quality padding on the edges.
  • Shock Absorption
  • Stability
  • Adjustable strap


  • Slips like a pair of pants.

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4. Groin Guard by Blok – IT

Groin Guard by Blok-IT - Protect the Irreplaceable with the Ultimate Groin Protector - Maximizes Protection Without Restricting Movement (Black, Extra-Small)

This groin protector prides itself in offering excellent protection against the hardest hits.

The strong and thick shell is enclosed with thick foam that provides comfort and protection.

It has elastic straps that are very easy to use that will provide stability to the groin protector.

The gear is also very affordable and offers a great value for the price.


  • Great Protecion
  • Comfortable
  • Strong and thick shell
  • Elastic Strap’s easy usage.
  • Affordable


  • Upper part may squeeze your stomach.

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5. Cleto Reyes Traditional No-Foul Protector

Cleto Reyes No-Foul Protection Cup - Black M

This classic design groin protector is also heavily padded on the cup area. The good quality leather can absorb impact with ease.

The gear also comes with elastic straps that can easily be used and provides a better fit.

This gear is handmade, and its good quality leather and durability offers a great value for your money.


  • Handmade
  • High-Quality Leather
  • Adjustable Elastic Straps
  • Affordable
  • Classic Design


  • Sizes are small

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Final Thoughts

Groin protector is arguably the most important equipment a boxer can bring to a training or sparring session.

The 5 best groin protectors for boxing that were reviewed are just some of the many varieties of groin guard products that you can choose from.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can buy the best fit that can provide you maximum protection during training.  

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