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Orthodox vs. Southpaw Stance in Boxing

In boxing, your stance and foot placement are two essential things to consider. In a nutshell, these factors determine the effectiveness of your offense, defense, and footwork.When you start going into

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double end bag

Double End Bag – How to Train in Boxing

Whether you're looking to develop your skills for boxing or merely want to learn how to box like a pro, a double-end bag is one perfect tool for you to start with. But, what is a DOUBLE-END

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boxing tournament

Dirty Fighting: Tactics Used by Pro Fighters

In the world of boxing, every fighter wants to win. Some are lucky enough to win cleanly while others feel the need to employ some illegal tactics just to win.This article will explain the most common

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Boxing vs MMA (Comparison analysis)

Sports are one of the most popular things around the world.Some of the most-watched television hours of all time have definitely been sporting events, and when the Olympics or World Cup are on, you can

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Boxing workouts that will help you lose weight

There are a number of boxing workouts that will help you lose weight and achieve your ideal body.Boxing workouts are known to offer a more gratifying means of losing weight as compared to the hardcore

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How to Become a Professional Boxer in the US

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is one of the most common questions poised to us as young adults.It is engrained in us from a young age that we have to map out what we want to be in

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Does Punching Your Stomach Give You Abs?

Did you know the new pain-inducing fitness trend right now to get six packs of abs? If not, it’s simply taking hits straight to the stomach.But is this really true? Does punching your stomach give you

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How Are Boxing Gloves Made?

Most boxing glove brands have their own manufacturing processes that slightly vary from one another.That is basically why boxing gloves come in different shapes and styles.In this article, we’ll talk

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Does Shadow Boxing Help Burn Fat?

Boxing is considered as an intense sport which aims to incapacitate the opponent by throwing punches.Boxers go through rigorous trainings, such shadow boxing, just to achieve the right shape for this strenuous

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Emotional Benefits of Boxing

Boxing might seem like a really daunting sport. However, it has a lot of health benefits to offer.In boxing, you can improve your physical health by working your body out.However, there are also emotional

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