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Different Types of Punches You Can Use in Boxing

Your boxing gloves, hand wraps, heavy and speed bags are ready. Before you envision yourself as the next boxing legend, you need to practice first. Know that you have to learn the techniques first

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bolo punch

Bolo Punch – Why You Should Add It To Your Boxing Skills

A bolo punch originated in the Philippines. The word "bolo" is a Filipino word for "machete." This machete is used to cut sugar cane.Those who plan to employ bolo punch in boxing must imagine themselves

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How To Use Body Shots

Body shots can be lethal. It can wreak massive internal pain which also causes loss of breath. Once you've learned the secret to throwing powerful body shots, you will be more likely to enjoy listening

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amateur boxing

Amateur Boxing (How to Get Started)

People decide to get into boxing for a variety of reasons. Some want to stay fit, others for self-defense, and others for the aspiration to compete. All these are great reasons, but we shall be focusing

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rope excercise

How to jump rope like a boxer

Training for boxing requires commitment. You do not single out training to develop strength.You will further need to gain endurance, improve your speed, agility, footwork, and patience. Every wonder

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How to Clean Boxing Gloves (In-depth Guide)

Boxing gloves are one of the many sporting gear which need some consistent cleaning and maintenance.Most of the time they get covered in sweat and sometimes blood.Bacteria and germs feed on sweat and moisture

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Boxing Clinch: All You Need to Know

Clinching is a necessary part of any competitive sports. However, it can sometimes be missed during the training. Boxing Clinch: All You Need to Know will provide you with the information you need about

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Boxing For Self-Defense: Techniques To Learn On Your Own

Boxing is known as an effective method for self-defense in the streets.Boxers are considered as the best in striking a blow for they have fatal fists compared to other fighters with other styles of fighting.This

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Tips to Mastering Your Boxing Footwork

While the majority of focus in boxing lies in its punching and combinations, other factors like defense, head movement, and footwork are just as important.Footwork is one of the basics that are so often

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Basic Boxing Combinations You Should Know About

Every boxer should be constantly looking to expand their arsenal of boxing combinations.You also need to find a balance between exploring new combinations and practicing the combinations that you know

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