November 16, 2018/0

How To Use An Uppercut Bag

Uppercut bags are similar to heavy punch bags though they are shaped such that during practice, you can both throw uppercuts and other varieties of punches. The uppercut bag is ideal for training at home or gym, mainly where space is an issue or as a way of getting additional wall space.   It is however virtually impossible to throw the kind of punches we throw on uppercut bags on typical heavy bags except you choose to do it on the body. That’s the reason angle punch bags are made in multiple shapes and sizes. Free-standing punch bags are different in that a majority of uppercut bags are designed to be hung up like heavy bags. A hanging uppercut punching bag has several ways to hang it as you can click here to see. Something is fascinating about how to use the uppercut bag, and it’s the different range of training opportunities such a  horizontal bag […]

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