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Tips to Mastering Your Boxing Footwork

While the majority of focus in boxing lies in its punching and combinations, other factors like defense, head movement, and footwork are just as important.Footwork is one of the basics that are so often

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Basic Boxing Combinations You Should Know About

Every boxer should be constantly looking to expand their arsenal of boxing combinations.You also need to find a balance between exploring new combinations and practicing the combinations that you know

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Best Boxing Workouts for Beginners

What do you think is the most physically demanding sport of all time? Some would lean towards sports like football or hockey, because of the heavy exercising of the body during the sport.Some would say

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How To Make a Speed Bag Platform

Speed bags are a common part of any boxing training session.A speed bag is often used in a boxing environment to help to build on the overall speed of the boxer, while also adding a rhythmic layer to the

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Boxing at Home Without a Punching Bag

Are you looking to increase your physical activity? Do you find that you do not have enough physical movement in your life?Finding ways to work out and to actually push the body to limits of new health

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How to Cut Weight in Boxing

A boxer's journey isn't complete without the weigh-ins, and sometimes, the scale is more dreadful than the opponent.Having the ideal weight is the first essential step in conquering the ring. This article

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How to Headbutt in Boxing

The weight of the human head is about 10 pounds, and our skull is very solid because it is structured to protect the brain.Many professional boxers use head butts to blow-off their opponents. In this article,

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Speed bag workouts you can implement today

Speed bags are an essential part of a boxer or MMA fighter’s equipment. They allow a fighter to practice speed and control through rhythmic movements. In this article, we’ll be discussing all about

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How to Use a Speed Bag

Using a speed bag is one of the highlights of learning various sports like boxing. However, there are many people who don't seem to know how to hit a speed bag right. In this article, you’ll learn some

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How to Punch Harder: The definitive boxing guide

Do you want to plant haymakers like Mike Tyson? Or do you prefer to whip out extremely fast punches like Bruce Lee does? In any case, punching efficiently is a science as well as an art that needs to be

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