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Heavy bag workouts you can start right now

Heavy bag workouts are some of the most popular workouts for both boxers and MMA fighters alike. In this article, we’ll be introducing beginners to various punching bag drills performed by both boxers

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Shadow boxing: Learn to master it on your own

In order to learn shadow boxing, you obviously need to understand exactly what it is.You need to know what it is in order to fully improve your technique and to get the proper movements down.So, what is

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How to wrap hands for boxing (DIY)

Different people use different tools in their general trades, and boxers are lucky enough to use their hands.A properly wrapped hand isn’t a fashion choice. It serves a purpose, to protect a boxer’s

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Boxing stance to learn on your own [Plus proper footwork]

When it comes to the worlds of both amateur and professional boxing, knowing about proper stance and footwork can really change your game altogether.The way that you use both of these techniques can really

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How to Get into Boxing Shape

Training to become a proficient boxer takes self-confidence, effort, and discipline.Anyone considering boxing as a career can join a gym and look for a trainer.If you’re still a beginner in the world

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How to Build a Boxing Ring In 10 Steps

Boxing is a great form of exercise. No matter how dedicated you are, sometimes, you just feel lazy going to the boxing gym.Thus, having your own boxing ring is suggested. You do not need to buy one because

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Focus Mitt Drills for Beginners

The art of boxing and punching as a fitness training strategy continues to rise in popularity.Given the wide array of physical skills that can be mastered out of it, more and more sports enthusiasts gravitate

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How to Acquire Technical Skills in Boxing

Playing sports is one of the best things a person can do in their spare time.Sports are a way to meet people, make friends, while also pushing the body in terms of physical activity.We all know we need

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Boxing Techniques and Tricks That Will Help You Win

The sport of boxing is one of the most exciting sports that you can be a part of.Some people view the sport of boxing and might think it is easy—two opponents who just punch one another. But there is

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training in the boxing ring

How to Start Boxing for Fitness

Losing weight is one of the most difficult things to do for a lot of people. Every single year there are billions and billions of dollars poured into new diets, new workout routines, all in the hopes

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