February 10, 2020
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by TheBoxingGear

Boxing is quite a traditional sport or martial art that has been around for ages. Generally, people used to practice it for self-defense, but over the last decade, it has emerged as a great workout. Lots of people are keen on boxing as it is enjoyable, fun, and promises fast improvements to your well-being and overall health.

If you are in search of a healthy way to get fit and lose weight, boxing is the right choice. There is no doubt it can help you get into the best shape possible in a short time. Boxing is considered one of the most efficient ways to maintain good physical health and normal weight. Besides, some people even buy a heavy bag and boxing gloves, and incorporate this practice into their daily home workout. But if you are a beginner, you should probably take a few classes at the gym before you start practicing on your own. A trainer can show you safety skills and different exercises so that you can do well on your future workouts. Now let’s take a more profound look at the benefits of boxing for weight loss. 

A Fun Burn

When you start boxing, you can easily burn fat and build lean muscle. Soon, you can have the body of a conditioned athlete. A session in boxing could help you burn up to 1,000 calories. You can combine this huge amount with proper diet, and accomplish wonderful results. Boxing techniques and movements allow people to build lean muscle and have positive effects on their physique in general. And finally, you can have more fun boxing than you will have in any other workout. If you are not having fun while doing it, workouts can become just a chore and you will find it really hard to exercise. But what should you do to practice boxing the right way and achieve maximum results in weight loss?


First of all, you must remember, you should always stay well-hydrated. A typical session can burn up to 700 calories in half an hour. So, it is obvious, you are going to sweat too much. If you want to keep going and ensure you are able to continue, you should get hydrated between rounds. Bringing suitable gloves and handwraps is also important for doing the exercises properly. They now offer a variety of products on the market, and you will not have any problems finding the ones you are most comfortable with.


Breathing correctly is among the most important lessons you should learn if you want to practice boxing. When you throw a punch, you should try breathing through your nose. In this way, you can expel the air from the lungs and be able to breathe through your diaphragm in case you get hit. It is necessary to practice proper footwork as well. Boxing is more than throwing punches and standing stationary. Participants change levels, speeds, and directions, so you need to be prepared.


Perhaps, everyone knows cardio workout is vital if losing weight is your primary goal. In fact, one of the greatest benefits of boxing for weight loss is that it is an intensive cardiovascular workout. Boxing is an ultimate cardio workout, which engages both your upper and lower body. It can train your endurance and cardiovascular strength more effectively than any other workout available today. According to popular belief, boxing is all about punching. But when you take it up, you will practice footwork and head movement, and acquire certain defensive techniques. With the help of boxing, you can stimulate muscle fibers, which you have never used until the moment. And this is the main reason why you might feel unusual strength after training. 

You must keep in mind, fast twitch muscles used in boxing, are usually neglected in the other types of workouts. Moreover, boxing can train the most essential muscle in your body- the human heart. Your heart can become much healthier and your body will regulate oxygen better if you practice boxing regularly. Quality cardio is among the key components of weight-loss and boxing can provide plenty of opportunities for heart exercise.

Summing it up

Nowadays, you can lose weight in many ways, but not all of them are healthy. Boxing gives you the chance to improve your physical health and look amazing at the same time. It can also improve your muscular endurance, build strong ligaments and bones, and relieve stress. Many people report it is pleasant and fun, and practice it just for entertainment. If you want to be in good shape and take care of your overall health, do not hesitate to explore the enormous benefits of boxing for weight loss.

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