April 18, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

The sport of boxing is one of the most exciting sports that you can be a part of.

Some people view the sport of boxing and might think it is easy—two opponents who just punch one another. But there is so much more to the sport than you think.

Boxing is not only one of the most physically demanding sports, but it also requires mental toughness.

It is fully a mental game, where you constantly have to try to stay aheadand figure out your opponent’s tricks and techniques.

This article will be going through several boxing tricks and techniques that are going to help you win.

By adapting these tricks and various techniques you can excel at this sport and be the best that you can be.

The Techniques

Did you know that there are several fighting techniques that you can learn? Each boxer has their own fighting style, and in order to actually understand your style and the best that you can be, you need to learn all of them.

We have set an outline for you of various techniques that you can learn. We will then explain to you the best way to learn them.

The slugger stance

This is for fighters who are not as quick on their feet and lack a lot of mobility. They are known to throw the harder punches, that are also slower than swarmers or out-boxers.

The slugger do not really have a lot of combinations, and just go for the incredibly hard punches.

They throw punching patterns that are very predictable, which makes them vulnerable to counterpunching and getting hit right away.

fighter having practice

Sluggers tend to get hit a lot, but they also can score huge knockouts because of the power behind their punch.

The boxer-puncher

This stance is a lot like the out-boxer, especially when it comes to the speed of the movement.

They are also known to really work on their jabs to make it very strong in order to provide even more knockouts while in the ring.

pro fighters trading punches

They are known to have fantastic counter-punching skills and are known for the number of combinations they have.

This allows them to be better on the defense and have a lot more accuracy while in the ring.

This type of style also allows for a lot of power behind the punches and they still have a great deal when it comes to throwing punches.

The boxer-puncher would usually rather fight a swarmer style rather than an out-boxer.

The out-boxer and the swarmer 

These final two techniques are the most popular: the out-boxer and the swarmer.

The swarmer fighters are strong in having a lot of power, and they also have a great bob and weave technique.

Because they are consistently being aggressive, they take the time to properly have the strongest punch in the league.

In order to right with a swarmer style, you need to have fantastic stamina and the ability to last a long time without getting tired.

fighter hitting with strong punch

This style usually strikes inside the opponent, with a lot of hooks and uppercuts, one after another.

Another thing to note about a swarmer fighting stance is that you must be fast in order to actually deliver on it.

The out-boxers are the exact opposite of the swarmers that we were just talking about.

Rather than getting on the inside, the out-boxer always tries to maintain the gap between them and their opponent.

This type of fighter never wants to get close to them, as they have long-range punches to keep the distance.

They are known for being really fast on their feet, but not as powerful when it comes to actual punches.

They do not have the strongest punch and solely rely on weaker jabs and straight hits instead of hooks and uppercuts.

This means that a fighter fighting with the out-boxer approach rarely gets knockouts, but wins by decision.

How to master these techniques

With all of these fighting styles, you need to master the proper technique behind them.

In order to do this, and do it effectively you need to take the time to figure out what one you will be the best at.

This might be determined by your size and stature, and how much you actually want to fight.

In any case, you should bring these ideas to a coach who will discuss with you what they think is best and then they will start you on the proper footwork that you need in order to move forward with your chosen technique.

Boxing tricks

There are so many boxing tricks that you can learn that are going to help you win when it comes to boxing. We have included some tricks below, also called combinations, that you can learn to win,

The jab and cross method 

This is mainly for a long- to mid-range sort of combination if you are further away from your opponent.

This is the most basic that you can get, but it is also one of the best to learn.

Professionals still use this every single day, and this is also known as the 1-2 punch. If you are outside of your opponent, and as they come forward, you can use this combo.

Jab to the body and then cross to the head 

This is ideal for any mid-range sort of boxer.

The jab in this instance is thrown with very little power, it is all about being very quick, and throwing the jab while slightly bending your knees.

The point with this jab is to be a distraction that brings your opponent slightly down.

Wrap up

Both of these stances and tricks take some time to learn, and you should practice them before bringing them into the ring for an actual fight.

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