There are a number of boxing workouts that will help you lose weight and achieve your ideal body.

Boxing workouts are known to offer a more gratifying means of losing weight as compared to the hardcore and classic gym fitness programs.

Boxing as a Means to Lose Weight

Gone were the days when boxing is merely the epitome of adrenaline rush incorporated in combative sports.

With the global health and fitness trends, boxing is now one of the most popular weight loss workouts.

Given its combative nature, boxing capitalizes on the sense of accomplishment that one is able to achieve while going through sparring sessions and completing the goal of adjusting his weight.

If running on treadmills and lifting weights is not your thing, this might just be the option you’ve been waiting for.

When Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Often times, people simply try to lose weight to achieve a certain body type that they want.

While this can be a valid reason for trying to lose weight, make sure that this is an informed decision.

You should never pressure yourself into adjusting your weight out of social pressures since losing weight, if done improperly, may lead to irreversible repercussions with your health.

fighter having a training session

If you wish to opt for this option because of the reason mentioned above, consult a doctor before you carry out any of the weight loss activities.

Professionals will always be able to assess your body condition and determine the proper goals you should be setting for yourself.

Don’t try to play doctor as it can be very dangerous.

On the other hand, some people sign up for weight loss programs for health reasons.

According to medical journals, the normal Body Mass Index (BMI) which is the measure of your body fat in relation to your weight and height should only range from 18.5 to 24.9.

If it exceeds 25, doctors usually advise their clients to lose some weight.

Why Is Boxing Workout a Very Promising Alternative?

In a nutshell, boxing is arguably the best full body exercise as it enhances the capacities of the body such as your cardiovascular endurance, your sense of balance, your agility, and your overall body strength at the same time.

More than that, it is one of the types of exercises that burn the most amounts of calories. In approximation, you burn 420 to 650 calories just by carrying out boxing workouts for an hour.

This is significantly higher than the number of calories you burn through other forms of exercises such as running with an average of 398 calories being burned in an hour.

Does Boxing Workouts Have a Downside?

Yes, just like any weight loss programs, it has potential disadvantages.

pro fighters in the ring

Since it is a highly combative contact sport, you are vastly susceptible to having bruises after the sessions.

This propensity, however, is pretty much solvable.

Make sure that you constantly communicate with your trainer so he can adjust the impacts of the punches based on your body threshold.

Moreover, repeated trauma can lead to permanent health detriments.

To spare yourself from this, remember that you are boxing as an individual who aims to lose weight and not as a professional boxer.

Be sure to speak up when you feel that the session is starting to become too rough for you.

Boxing Workouts That Will Help You Lose Weight

As was discussed, boxing as a workout strategy can lead you to a very speedy weight loss.

If done right and with the proper assistance, it can lead to very promising results. Here are three of the most effective and most commonly used boxing workouts:

The Heavy Punching Bag Routine

This exercise is done with the most common symbolism of boxing workouts: the punching bag.

A punching bag is usually a cylindrical stuffed bag that is suspended and used for workouts.

It is usually filled with mattress foam or ripped cotton to ensure the comfort of the user.

trainer teaching bag session

The heavy punching bag routine is designed to burn a great number of calories by the constant exertion of upper body force.

This will not only pump up your enthusiasm but will also help increase a number of calories you expel as your whole body warms up.

Normally, 20 minutes of this routine is enough to burn around 145-150 calories.

Sparring Sessions

As the name implies, this is a direct simulation of an actual boxing match. You basically share a boxing ring with a partner and spar.

This is one of the speediest ways to burn calories since your whole body becomes very active.

For every hour of the sparring session, you lose up to 735 calories.

This, however, should be done with the highest cautions.

Do not do this without proper supervision since misguided punches can seriously injure both you and your sparring partner.

To learn more about how to know your boxing weight class, read here.

Solo Sessions

This option is very promising for those who cannot afford to go to a gym or hire a professional trainer.

woman speed bag training

As a substitute, you can buy boxing workout DVD’s and do it at your home. No worries, the movements involved in this are relatively safe.

They mostly involve you simulating boxing moves such as punching, dodging, and blocking in order to warm your body up.

In addition, this comes with a very flexible timeframe. 

If you look forward to losing weight but cannot go to the gym due to conflicting schedules, this is the perfect workout for you.

This could help you lose up to 550 calories per hour.


Boxing indeed is a very innovative yet effective means of healthily losing excess weight.

Boxing workouts that will help you lose weight have been tried and tested as an effective remedy for weight loss.

No need to be intimidated with the sense of competitiveness attached to it. As elaborated above, it is actually very adaptive to the requirements of individuals.

So drop those weights and engage in the less-hassle way of losing weight.