April 19, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

Boxing is a great form of exercise. No matter how dedicated you are, sometimes, you just feel lazy going to the boxing gym.

Thus, having your own boxing ring is suggested. You do not need to buy one because there are ways on how to build a boxing ring.

The Elements of a Boxing Ring

Before you start constructing a boxing ring, you ought to know the basics for you to be able to successfully make it.


Boxing rings have a base with springs so that boxers bounce back when they fall. 

Moreover, the springs also help boxers feel less body pain from training.

When making your homemade boxing ring, you have to take note that the springs of your ring should be close to the ones that can be found in a professional ring.

blue empty boxing ring

Thus, you have to shell out money for the base.

You can use mattresses that are king size and put them beside each other to have your base. Create thinly-cut boards and put them over the mattresses.

Make sure that the size of the boards is appropriate on the mattresses. Attach the boards and mattresses together by screwing or bolting them together.

Then, cover the base with a tarp to finish the floor.

Poles and Ropes

Big PVC pipes can be used as posts for your ring. Attach them on the corners of your base by using latches made from metal, screws, or bolts. 

Although they are hard, they are durable enough for boxing matches at home.

For the ropes, you can insert them in the holes that you will make in each post and knot the ends.

Long and thick ropes can be used, but springy ropes like bungee cords are the better.

Since thick ropes somewhat limit boxers, you should opt for tensile ropes.


Your topmost priority in building your boxing ring is safety. You have to be outright sure that a boxer will not be seriously hurt while they are fighting in your ring.

If you want added protection from falls, you can add foam on top of the thin boards.

Wrapping PVC posts with core tape will prevent them from becoming sharp. Thus, when boxers come in contact with the posts, they will not be gravely injured.

As you use your ring, adjustments related to safety must be made.

How Can I Make My Boxing Ring?

Now, you know the fundamentals of constructing your own ring. If you have cleared out your garage or basement, you are ready to make it.

Things You Need:

  • 2-3 old or used mattresses
  • 2×2 wooden boards that are thin
  • 4 pieces of 4×4 wooden boards
  • th-listOne piece of 18×18 board made of plywood
  • th-listFour boards with 18 foot 2×4 measurement
  • th-listLong and thick ropes or bungee cord
  • th-listPVC pipes
  • th-listScrews, nails, and rivets
  • th-listScrews, nails, and rivets
  • th-listElectric drill that is cordless
  • th-listSaw
  • th-listHammer

Step 1

Measure how big you want your boxing ring to be. You can place your ring on an uneven ground since it will be raised.

A 16, 18, and 20 feet ring is large enough. Since it is square in shape, the measurement can be 20×20 feet.

Depending on the space, you can adjust the size.

Step 2

Create a square which is 18 feet by laying boards that are 4×4 on the surface.

Step 3

Put the mattresses on the wooden boards and place the 18×18 plywood over the mattresses.

Step 4

Position the 4 boards with 18 foot 2×4 measurement over the 18×18 plywood. If necessary, trim the boards in order for them not to hang from the mattresses.

Step 5

You have to use your hammer and nail to put the boards together. This is the difficult part because you have to make sure that the boards do not move when boxers fight here.

Step 6

Making the poles of your ring is the next step. They need to be inserted on a concrete area. Your ring’s four posts should be around 2 feet deep. You can add braces to avoid snapping.

Step 7

Attach the ropes with the poles by wrapping or making holes in the poles and then using the rivets. Thick cloths or old sacks can be used for the ropes to prevent serious injuries.

Step 8

Once the ropes are done, you can paint using spray paint. Then, layer it over with a pesticide spray so that you can cover the decking.

Do this every 8 to 12 months. In case of water accumulation, you can drill and apply a line of epoxy in the holes.

It will not solve this problem, but it can make it less bad.

Step 9

Jump up and down many times on the ring to check if the wooden boards move or not.

Step 10

Tug the ropes to check if they will easily break.

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Proper Maintenance of Your Boxing Ring

You want to make your boxing ring last for a long time, so it will be better to know the care it needs.

  • Give your ring extra protection, especially if it is placed in an open space.
  • Use water sealant to proof the wood to withstand different weather conditions.
  • Buy a big water resistant tarp. Use this to cover the tarp of your ring when it’s not in use.


A professional boxing ring is around $10,000. However, constructing a cheaper version of a boxing ring will only cost you 10% of that price.

You just need to invest in time so that you will have it in no time. Familiarizing yourself on how to build a boxing ring is vital.

Though you need to visit your local hardware to purchase some of the materials and you might experience trial and error, you will not have a hard time finishing it.

All the hard work will be worth it once you are done because you can have a worthwhile time.

Check out the below vide from Expertvillage on how to setup your own boxing ring:

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