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Different Types of Punches You Can Use in Boxing

Your boxing gloves, hand wraps, heavy and speed bags are ready. Before you envision yourself as the next boxing legend, you need to practice first. Know that you have to learn the techniques first

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bolo punch

Bolo Punch – Why You Should Add It To Your Boxing Skills

A bolo punch originated in the Philippines. The word "bolo" is a Filipino word for "machete." This machete is used to cut sugar cane.Those who plan to employ bolo punch in boxing must imagine themselves

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How To Use Body Shots

Body shots can be lethal. It can wreak massive internal pain which also causes loss of breath. Once you've learned the secret to throwing powerful body shots, you will be more likely to enjoy listening

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grappling dummies reviews

Top 5 Grappling Dummies Reviews

Preparation is always a vital step to everything. In training for martial arts a few days away from competition, you may not still have someone to prepare with or the time to go to the gym.This is why

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venum challenger boxing globes

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves Review

BrandFounded in 2006 by Franck Dupuis, Venum is a manufacturer of apparel and equipment for various martial arts, combat sports, and fitness. The brand specialized in products catering cross training,

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grant boxing gloves

Grant Boxing Gloves: Where Can You Get Them

Regardless of whether you are a competitive boxer or a boxing workout enthusiast, you will need quality boxing equipment for optimum performance.  Boxing gloves are impeccably the most critical equipment.Quality

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Reebok Boxing Shoes Review

The manufacturing of Reebok boxing shoes is done in Gaobu town, Dongguan city, san xian Zhongshan, and Jida industrial Zhuhai city.Reebok shoes are a simplified model which are mostly worn by Floyd Mayweather

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amateur boxing

Amateur Boxing (How to Get Started)

People decide to get into boxing for a variety of reasons. Some want to stay fit, others for self-defense, and others for the aspiration to compete. All these are great reasons, but we shall be focusing

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aqua punching bag review

Aqua Punching Bag Review

Aqua is a brand made in the United Statement of America (USA). It manufactures and distributes aqua training bags in a lot of countries. The brand and the idea was born due to a boxer, a trainer, and a

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boxing gloves in gym

Ring to Cage Training Boxing Gloves Review

Attempts to create great a signature pair of training boxing gloves by Ring to Cage C-17 has finally paid off. They have successfully created one of the most efficient boxing gloves, resulting in their

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