July 15, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

The majority of amateur and professional boxers will recognize the name Cleto Reyes, as it is one of the most respected names in boxing.

The Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves are made in Mexico and they have been designed with professional fighting quality in mind.

Why Should A Boxer Wear Gloves?

If you had an important weapon, you would naturally want to protect it. Hands are the main weapon of a boxer.

Inside your hands, there are dozens of tiny bones and joints that are susceptible to sprains and breakages.

The bones in our hands have not been designed to handle a large amount of impact force.

Your own punches could break your bones without proper hand protection.

If your bones do break, you will not be able to box until they have completely healed.

If the breakage is severe enough, you might never be able to use the same amount of impact force again.

Often, a bone that has broken will be prone to breaking again.

This could cause a number of problems further down the line.

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion states that if an object exerts force on another object, then an equal and opposite force is exerted by the second object on the first.

This would mean that your bones would break if you broke someone’s jaw, but the gloves work to absorb some of the impact.

You also have to consider how broken bones in your hands would affect your day-to-day activities, as well as your sporting activities.

Something as simple as writing could be difficult with a few broken fingers.

Introducing The Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves


  • plusFabric: Goatsking Leather
  • plusPerfect For Fast and Power Punchers
  • plusHook & Loop Feature Allows You To Remove Them In A Matter Of Seconds
  • plus2-Inches Thick Padding

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Support System

The Cleto Reyes Hook & Look Training Gloves feature a unique thumb and wrist support system that consists of 100 percent leather

It utilizes a type of nylon lining that has been treated to repel water.

This prevents any moisture from soaking into the gloves and damaging the padding inside of them.

This would generally result in gloves having to be thrown away.

The support system itself accurately protects your hands, preventing sprains and breakages from occurring at all.

They are rather innovative in their design, and they offer a huge amount of support when compared to the products of competitors.


The padding that can be found in the punch area of the Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves is approximately 2 inches thick. 

This level of padding protects your hands, but it also allows you to feel the punches.


These gloves have been designed for both sparring and hitting boxing training equipment.

You might not want to take them into a professional fight with you. 

They are still safe. The padding in the gloves completely minimizes the risk of injury. 

The minimalistic design of the padding also helps to keep your hands safe.

As often, you will feel the punches let you know exactly how hard you are punching.

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When it comes to fastenings, there are no flaws on the Cleto Reyes training gloves. 

The leather strap has been designed with a hook and loop system, allowing you to quickly adjust it as and when you need to.

The gloves feature an extra-long lace design that provides a level of wrist protection that is necessary when it comes to boxing.

It also connects the glove to the hand and can be used to achieve an optimum level of snugness.

What Benefits Come With Wearing Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves?

For starters, the Cleto ReyesTraining Gloves have been designed with professional-level sport in mind. 

They can offer any boxer the support that is required to train and land punches in a real environment.

 They also put a minimum amount of stress on your hands and your wrists.

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

Our hands contain a number of tiny bones and ligaments, so any reduction of the stress that is placed on them is important.

Our bones can ricochet against each other and cause fractures if an impact is hard enough.

This means that these training gloves allow their wearer to put some power into a strike.

It also protects the wearer from any injury that could occur if the strike was made without proper hand protection.

These gloves come in a wide variety of different sizes, so no one is left out.

They even have other ranges that are made specifically to fit children.

Anyone that has ever had to wear gloves that were too big for their hands will know how bad it can be and how important accurately sized gloves really are.

These gloves also offer a level of durability that means that they will last a long time. 

This durability is desirable, as it can make your punches feel much more compact and solid.

It’s In The Design

The design of these gloves has been well thought out

The long cuff offers your wrists a large amount of support without ever negating the flexibility of your own wrists.

It is important for your hands to be secure inside of your gloves, but it is also important to be able to move your hands freely.

Generally speaking, the Cleto Reyes training gloves are considered to be an industry favorite with fans that range from amateur boxers to industry veterans.

When worn, the weight of the gloves is evenly distributed.

This makes the gloves feel much lighter than other gloves occasionally do.

They make you feel like you have lead blocks attached to your arms.

The light characteristic of the gloves means that you can work a lot faster than you otherwise could.

The Gloves Are Out!

These hand-made leather gloves are happy to stand up on the field as rivals to a large number of other boxing gloves.

Their design naturally looks appealing to the eye, but they also perform all the basic tasks that you need boxing gloves to perform.

This specific pair of gloves is durable and protective, ensuring that your hands stay safe throughout your entire activity.

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