May 9, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

Different people use different tools in their general trades, and boxers are lucky enough to use their hands.

A properly wrapped hand isn’t a fashion choice. It serves a purpose, to protect a boxer’s weapon of choice, tightening into a solid fist whenever the hand closes.

Do You Need Hand Wraps?

The straight answer is YES!

In the world of boxing, your hands will always be your most important and most valued weapon.

Who would ever choose not to protect the weapon they need the most?

"141206-F-QP401-812" By DoD News is licensed under CC By 2.0

141206-F-QP401-812” By DoD News is licensed under CC By 2.0

You have to protect your hands at all costs, as our hands are an important part of our future adventures in the boxing world — as well as our day to day lives.

Hand wraps are placed specifically to hold the hand together, while also holding each bone in place.

They offer an expert level of support to all the small joints and bones that can be found in our hands. 

These bones are fragile and can fracture as quickly as, usually, this is either due to the force of our own punches, or one of our own bones ricocheting off another.

By holding all the bones and joints in our hands in such a specific way, boxing hand wraps can offer our hands a huge amount of security.

This placement distributes shock over our entire hand, opposed to allowing the shock to go through just one tiny portion of our hand.

Joints that can move freely would simply hit each other and fracture.

trainer wrapping his hands

Contrary to popular belief, you should always remember that proper boxing hand wraps are not there to provide a cushion effect or offer extra protection for your knuckles.

How do you find the right pair?

To start with, you need to find a pair of boxing hand wraps that are suitable for your own requirements.

Most standard sized hand wraps are around 180 inches long, but people with smaller hands would benefit from purchasing hand wraps that are 120 – 140 inches long.

The type of hand wraps that you choose is entirely dependent on your own taste and your situation. Click here to find the top choices.

There are three main options:


These hand wraps are used by a large number of people around the world, especially in amateur settings. They are both durable and inexpensive.


Don’t be fooled. These hand wraps look almost identical to cotton hand wraps. 

Luckily, they are different. 

The elasticity offered to boxers by Mexican hand wraps is what has made this specific type of hand wrap the main choice of a competitive boxer.

Mexican hand wraps contour to match the hand, offering an untouched level of support.

Gel Wraps

These hand wraps are convenient but they aren’t even hand wraps.

They are slipped on like gloves and a lot of boxers find that they do not offer an adequate amount of wrist support.

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What do you use them for?

Boxing hand wraps are easy to use once you get the hang of them.

The pattern of wrapping them becomes easy to remember. At first, it can feel like you are trying to wrap your own hands in knots. 

The simplest way of wrapping your hands, in our opinion, is as follows:

Step 1

Start by typing a loop around your thumb, following by wrapping the hand wrap around the back of your hand.

This movement is what allows the hand wraps to tighten up whenever you force your hand into a fist.

Step 2

Going from the back of your hand, wrap the hand wrap three times around your own wrist.

It is important that you offer your wrist a large amount of support, due to the pressure that will be put on it.

Boxers with larger fists might only be able to perform this motion twice as opposed to three times.

It should be noted that the number of times you wrap your wrists generally depends on your own boxing style and how much fluid motion you like.

Step 3

After you have done this, wrap your hand wrap three times around the palm of your hand.

Don’t focus too much on ensuring that your knuckles are adequately covered and end going towards your thumb.

Step 4

Once you have gone down the back of your thumb, you need to make an X shape to go between each of your own fingers.

This repeated X shape will be visible on the back of your hand.

This step pulls all of your knuckles together for support, while also ensuring that they won’t ricochet against each other and cause further problems.

Finish this step going towards the top of your thumb.

Step 5

Follow the thumb by going around it, and going down the back of your own hand.

Then reverse this, do so by wrapping behind the thumb and down the palm of your hand.

Step 6

After all those steps are done, wrap around your knuckles several times.

This offers your knuckles the immediate impact protection that they need.

If you do have any leftover length, you should repeat the X shapes in step four.

Once Done…

Your boxing hand wraps should make your hand feel secure.

If you can feel your hands getting tired after a short time period, or see your fingers starting to turn white, you have more than likely wrapped your hands too tight.

This is something that happens a lot when people first start using hand wraps.

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Get ready to fight!

You should be able to move your hands once they have been wrapped, especially if you are wearing a pair of flexible Mexican hand wraps. 

shadow boxing with black hand wraps

You should feel as though your hands are loose when they are relaxed, but then everything should tighten up immediately when you clench your hand into a fist.

There are a lot of different ways to wrap your hands.

A number of professional boxers also add longer wraps and extra padding into the equation. 

Finding the right process for you can be difficult, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Also, check out this video by Expertboxing on how to wrap your hands for boxing:

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