Everlast is a brand that most people will recognize.

They are known for making some of the most popular mixed martial arts equipment in the world.

Also, they’re well-known for their traditional-looking heavy bags, like their popular Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag.




  • Base Material: High Density Plastic
  • Adjustable Height From 52″ to 65″ inches
  • Weight: 250 Pounds
  • Thick Layer of Foam
  • Three Metal Plate On The Core

The Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag is shaped like a traditional freestanding punching bag. 

The surface itself is very durable, it is made of a Nevatear cover that consists of a unique mixture of black synthetic leather and vinyl.

The durability of this product is important given its nature, otherwise, it would quickly succumb to general wear and tear.

As a freestanding punching bag, the Everlast PowerCore is easy to use.

The base of the product is made of a high-density plastic, and it can be filled with either sand or water.

Which one you use is up to personal choice, but we would advise that you fill it with water, as emptying the sand would be a tedious task!


Luckily, most brands understand that not everyone is the same height. 

This particular punching bag can be adjusted to stand anywhere between 52 and 65 inches tall.

Once the full thing has been assembled and filled, it weighs approximately 250 pounds.

When it comes to punching bags, stability is important. An unstable punching bag would lead to a terrible training session.

That is what makes the Everlast PowerCore stand out, as the core of the contains three metal plates that have been arranged specifically to add a layer of stability.

The core of the bag is also surrounded by a thick layer of foam, which both protects the bag and helps to disperse the force that occurs when you punch it.

The high-density plastic neck also helps in this way, as it has the flexibility required to move whenever it is punched.

This freestanding punching bag is unique as it is both easy to assemble and suitable for beginners.

That might sound normal until you consider the amount of freestanding punching bags that will make you feel like you need a mechanic to set them up correctly.


The Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag is a fantastic option for anyone that is looking to practice combination punches. 

All you have to do is slightly reduce the power that you have to put into your punches.

 The Everlast PowerCore can rebound quickly so that you can carry out a quick succession of well-timed punches.

Remember that a freestanding punching bag that can swing and move can initially be a challenge.

You will have to work on your speed while working with one.

You can even use them to achieve your own desired speed by working on your jabs.

Learning how to time your punches, and learning how to react quickly.


Once you have learned how to manage your speed correctly, you will even find that your footwork will improve.

Freestanding punching bags like the Everlast PowerCore are usually the best option for boxers that are looking to improve their footwork.

This is because they give you the space that you need to maneuver around the bag.

This type of footwork is important. 

The best professional boxers know that their footwork is often the key to giving a real performance.

Terrible footwork can result in them meeting the canvas of the boxing ring quicker than they might have planned.

It’s important to work on your footwork as well as your punches

You can’t be thorough in the ring without practicing both.

It is completely impossible to achieve a high level of both impressive footwork and speed without already having a relatively high level of fitness.

Using the Everlast PowerCore can help you achieve your desired level of fitness.

It will improve your endurance and stamina due to the repeated movements that occur when you hit a freestanding punching bag.

It should be noted that generally, freestanding punching bags are best when used by boxers, or people that are looking to get fit in their own way.

People learning MMA or a specific martial arts might find it quite hard to work with as it is shorter than other freestanding punching bags.

This means that it would be unsuitable for high kicks.


The Everlast PowerCore is a convenient option for any boxer or fitness lover.

It offers convenience in the way that it can be both set up and stored away.

Also, it can give a variety of different people a new platform to work with.

You can learn to time your own hits successfully, building on your speed and challenging yourself to go further and further.

You should note that the Everlast PowerCore has not been designed with full force training in mind.

So, professional power hitters should probably avoid it.

An incredibly heavy strike would probably be enough to break it.

This problem has been reflected in the price of this product, as it is much more affordable than similar pieces of kit.

A freestanding punch bag can be used as a piece of gym equipment for an intense workout.

It can also be used in a professional setting for boxing training.

Beginners and professionals alike can benefit from using one.

Challenging themselves to push their own skill level past the point that they are familiar with.

Aerobic fitness users would also definitely benefit from using this product, as it could be used to improve their overall cardio conditioning.


The Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag is actually a brilliant option, as long as you don’t plan on punching it too hard. 

It doesn’t hold up well under pressure…

But it can be used as a training device to teach professionals how to handle themselves as they start to build up their speed.

This includes speed in everything from the timing of their punches to the way that their feet move in the area surrounding the bag.

People that love aerobic activities shouldn’t shy away from this bag either as it can really improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.