April 19, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

The art of boxing and punching as a fitness training strategy continues to rise in popularity.

Given the wide array of physical skills that can be mastered out of it, more and more sports enthusiasts gravitate towards focus mitt drills for beginners.

What Are the Advantages of Focus Mitt Drills?

Focus mitt drills are designed to heighten accuracy and the physical strength of an individual.

It also nurtures one’s sense of balance, agility, and responsiveness.

If you are looking to tone your body towards your ideal type while having fun at the same time, this is precisely the fitness strategy for you.

As mentioned above, the focal point of engaging in focus mitt drills is to improve your accuracy.

sport boxing figure

But other than that, it is also very advantageous on different levels.

Having a combative nature, it primarily offers the improvement of your defensive skills.

By performing such drills, you are able to gradually master and coordinate your body movements.

Furthermore, practicing with an actual person as opposed to a static punching bag assists you in developing your locomotive skills such as your combative strategies, your footwork, your ability to counter punches being thrown at you, and even your boxing styles.

On top of all of these physical skills you can master, it takes a lot of personal discipline to be able to excel in this type of activity.

Since it is very combative and competitive in nature, it incentivizes you to become more patient and persistent in achieving certain goals you have set for yourself.

Direct feedbacks from a trainer or an expert massively facilitate this benefit.

What Are the Risks of These Drills?

Focus mitt punching drill, just like any other physical drills, comes with a number of risks if not done properly.

It is highly susceptible to inflicting injuries for both the holder and the puncher if protocols such as sticking to one drill at a time or making verbal callouts are not observed, especially when dealing with beginners.

Also, engaging with this activity requires high-quality materials particularly the focus mitt to be used by the holder.

Focus mitts that are poorly constructed can easily slip off. This puts a massive risk of discomfort and injury for the holder.

Will These Risks Hinder You?

The above-mentioned risks are easily solvable. Observing the right protocols and decorum would significantly help.

Doing this activity with the aid of a professional trainer or coach will actively facilitate the learning process of novice boxers.

By doing such, you are able to get the right amount of guidance and track your progress at the same time.

Focus Mitt Drills for Beginners

Focus mitt drills, even the ones designed for beginners, can be very challenging.

Before engaging with this kind of drill, make sure that you have fully familiarized yourself with the amount of effort and time that it takes for you to reach your set goal.

Here are five of the drills you might want to consider:

Cover and Counter Drill

This is probably the most popular drills for beginners.

man throwing a hard jab

It is mainly designed to introduce the novice boxer to the whole dynamics of focus mitt drills.

Usually instructed on a 1-2-1-2 rhythm, you are primarily assisted to master the art of consistency.

This is also often used by trainers to test the types of punches you are throwing and how quick your responses are.

In this exercise, a combination of a left jab and a right cross or a hook countered by a right cross, are the most often used patterns since they are easily mastered.

The Beginner’s Eight Count

This is considered as an “introductory drill” as it is calculated to test and awaken the boxing prowess within you.

At a steady rhythm of eight intervals, you are trained to move around the boxing ring while maintaining your balance, strike and dodge simultaneously as facilitated by your coach, and even avoiding being static in just one part of the ring.

These, and other fundamental skills that you need to master before engaging in actual sparring sessions, are covered in the eight-count drill to ensure that you are totally prepared before advancing to the next level of the training program.

The Target Practice

This is arguably an essential drill that any beginner should engage with.

woman speed bag training

“Focus” by Keith Ellwood is licensed under CC by 2.0

As focus mitt drills are specifically designed to develop your accuracy, this is a must-have in your boxing to-do list.

Focus mitts come with targets on the palm area. The main goal of the trainee is to consistently hit this target at varying speed.

You need to be very sensitive to your trainer’s movements while maintaining your own sense of balance.

However, it is not recommended that your eyes solely focus on the target. You should focus more on the trainer.

By doing so, you do not only develop your accuracy and precision, but you also develop your degree of responsiveness.

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Blocking drills

Since focus mitt drills are also for the improvement of your defensive skills, blocking drills are also one of the essentials you need to master before advancing to higher levels of training.

This type of drill is mainly focused on developing your automatic reflexes. It usually follows a 1-2-3 rhythm after a callout is made by the trainer.

The main goal should be to block a strike and be able to counter with a well-calculated punch.

Callout Drills

This is the most advanced out of all the drills for novice boxers. At this point, you are already expected by your trainer to have a good set of reflexes.

In this drill, he calls out a number of combinations before throwing them. The receiver should be able to immediately counter them.

This exercise is mainly targeted towards the development of your sense of timing and accuracy.


It takes a lot of time and effort to master the set of skills that focus mitt drills has to offer.

This, however, is easily overpowered by the sense of achievement and physical expertise you will have in the end.

Scary and risky as it sounds, it’s actually one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise.

Put your gloves on and start with your drill today as these focus mitt drills for beginners is going to be a piece of cake.

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