Regardless of whether you are a competitive boxer or a boxing workout enthusiast, you will need quality boxing equipment for optimum performance.  Boxing gloves are impeccably the most critical equipment.

Quality gloves will fit your hands comfortably and prevent damage. According to boxing’s elite, Grant boxing gloves have a track record for excellence. The boxing gloves have grown very popular over the years, both to professionals and amateurs.  

The following is an informational guide on where you can get grant boxing gloves.


Grant Boxing Gloves are designed with German Military grade polymerized Polyurethane which procures lighter, stronger but better protection.

The material is a non-Newtonian liquid with viscoelastic properties that gives the protection a memory effect that will adjust to the impacts and shocks. It is multi impacts compliant, providing excellent residual forces upon impact which results in better protection toward repeats.

 It makes much sense in boxing because the implications and hits are constant and repetitive. Standard gloves are designed to absorb the shocks of one impact, while Grant’s are designed to restrain pain.

Color Choices

Red, blue, white, green, black and other colors of your choice you can get from grant boxing gloves.


Whatever size you are; Grant boxing gloves offer small, medium, large and extra-large that gives you enough space to fit in and breath.

Having the right size is a matter of importance that gives you an edge when you are in the ring.

Why should you choose Grant boxing gloves.


Why waste the beauty of your hands on unqualified boxing gloves? Although its massive support boxing is a sensitive sport. 

Boxers must make their wellbeing the priority because anything can happen; lots of injuries likely to be permanent or temporary.

Grant boxing gloves ensure the safety of your hands, wrist and maintain its shape by providing maximum protection when you are in battles or fights.

2. Quality

Grant boxing gloves are made up of robust and lasting material that can ensure a long duration of the gloves if they are well kept.


grant boxing gloves

Dubbed the makers of the champions; Grant boxing listens to the need of the people and manufactures gloves that can be beneficiary to the customer. 

There is always a grey area In providing excellent and quality services; some prefer to have their gloves lightly to use them for their light boxing workouts while others prefer heavy ones for maximum hand protection in the ring.


The material is made with recyclable components and is totally green. Certified EN1621-2 and certified Type II by the European Standards. One year warranty or more.


Grant Tech is very flexible and possesses some impressive specifications such as it will adjust to the anatomy of the hand upon impact or pressure, then go back to its initial shape. 

With temperature change, the material will change its behavior and way, and what we mean is that with the body heat the foam will become more flexible, softer and comfortable. But then, after use and left at room temperature, the material will become stiffer thus always showing a glove that looks not broken.

What we don’t like

You’ve never used boxing gloves? Using grant boxing gloves for the first time might be unusual, and you might feel burdened, hot or heavy about it.

But as time moves on and you keep on using them, they are perfect for both competitive boxing and training workouts.

Heavy punches, less pain

Unbeaten Boxing athlete Floyd Mayweather had sustained multiple hand injuries in the past before choosing…..

With its great material that is made up of German technology, it provided heavy and best punches ever that just with a hit it can leave your enemy unconsciousness for a while.

Grants Boxing gloves inner protection layer is German engineered and made; developed in cooperation with a specialized lab and engineers.

That same protection is used in sports car racing such as Formula 1 to protect the pilot but also in a motorbike, even the German Army Special Forces use the technology to protect their operators.

We modified and adapted it to fit the needs and realities of elite fighters as well as the amateurs.

Buying Tips

When wanting to buy your boxing, always ensure that you buy the one with your right size, color, style, and quality.

It’s a matter of your own choice into purchasing something of your desire that you won’t regret.

Grant boxing gloves are of quality, stylish and colorful with the right size that you need.


Where to get Grant boxing gloves


Grants Boxing gloves are available in multiple online platforms. You can quickly search on google and choose to buy the gloves from sites such as eBay. 

You can place your order now or purchase grants boxing gloves on USA at an affordable price. For quality assurance consider only buying from the bestsellers.

You can mail

Also, you can follow them on Facebook at grant boxing


The internet is full of scams; it is best to do intensive research before you purchase a product online.      

Grant boxing gloves sellers online are no different; you need to be wary of insanely low prices. Check to see if the product is genuine and read customer review before you purchase grant boxing gloves.

Local Store

There is an excellent chance that your local general or sports store will have this product. It is also not entirely free from fake products so you should also take caution. Consider buying from a reputable store like Walmart.


Finding the best of the best boxing gloves is a critical matter. You need to not only have a right eye but also do your research to ensure they have a proven track record. Grant Boxing Gloves protect Floyd Mayweather ’s billion-dollar hands, shouldn’t you give them a try?

Focus on quality rather than pricing, in the long run, cheap is expensive. You deserve the best, unleash your full potential while confident of the protection of your hands from sustaining injury.