May 30, 2018
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Using a speed bag is one of the highlights of learning various sports like boxing. However, there are many people who don’t seem to know how to hit a speed bag right. In this article, you’ll learn some useful techniques on how to use a speed bag the right way.

Proper Speed Bag Technique

A speed bag is a small-sized punching bag. It is attached on a horizontal board, and it swivels at any direction depending on where you swing your fists.

Speed bags vary in size, depending on the type of training that you want.

Small speed bags are often used to improve hand and eye coordination. They also help improve your hand speed and timing.

On the other hand, heavier and larger speed bags are used to develop your strength and endurance.

Before starting with the punches, the first thing that you have to do is to know the rhythm of the speed bag

Normally, when you punch a speed bag, it will bounce 3 times from the board. It follows a forward-back-forward pattern and then it comes back to you again.

white figure posing like a boxer

Once you get this rhythm, it would be easier for you to start with the normal punches.

There are several types of rhythms. These rhythms vary on the speed and the number of punches that you can throw.

For beginners, you can start practicing your rhythm with open hands. You don’t have to start with your fists immediately. 

In this way, you can get the right rhythm for the speed bag.

Remember that it is important that you put your hands closer to the speed bag. If you move your hands away from the speed bag, the speed bag will move so quickly.

It is important that you keep your hands together. Then, position them near the speed bag.

Moreover, you need to master the proper boxing stance. When you are working on your speed bag, you need to use the standing square.

In this kind of stance, you need to position yourself in front of the bag. Both feet should have an equal distance from the speed bag.

You need to stand an arm’s length from the punching bag. Doing this will help you hit the speed bag easily.

Lastly, you have to be at eye level with the bottom of the speed bag. If you are not comfortable with it, you can go a little higher or lower.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to incorporate several punches during your speed bag practice.

You can also incorporate your elbows during workouts. It is important that you master the basics before starting with the combinations.

Different Ways to Hit a Speed Bag

There are several ways to hit a speed bag, and each can help you develop your punching skills. Here are some techniques for hitting a speed bag:

Single Fist Pass-Through

This type of punch is created with one fist hitting the back from the front and back in a repetitive manner.

You can use a front circle punch and a reverse single punch to easily get the rhythm of the speed bag.

The rhythm of this one can be really fast. You can count it as 1-2. This is because there are only two rebounds on the boards. You can instinctively count it as 1-2.

Fist Rolling Rhythm

This kind of hit creates a loud sound once the speed bag hits the board. Here, you will hit each rebound with either the back or the front of your fist.

You can use the front or reverse rolling technique to easily hit the speed bag.

You need to alternate your left and right fist when hitting the speed bag. You can count the hits in 1-1-1-1.

Triplet Rhythm

The triplet is the easiest and most common rhythm used in boxing. In this hitting style, you will repetitively hit the bag after three rebounds.

With this rhythm, the bag freely moves on one side of the board for the rebound. You can hit the bag after this rebound.

Alternate the left and right after the three rebounds. You can count this as 1-2-3 and then repeat.

Once you master this rhythm, it would be easier for you to do other combinations of punches.

Double Fist Pass-Through

This punch is similar to single fist pass-through, but it differs in terms of how you hit the speed bag.

In this one, you will still be hitting the speed bag with a front double punch or reverse double punch. You will be counting this one as 1-1-2 and repeat.

Unlike the single fist, you need to alternate your punches. When doing the double fist pass-through, make sure to position your elbows.

It should be at the same level of your shoulders. Doing this will make it easier for you to extend your fists back and forth.

Double Punch Rhythm

In this technique, you will be repetitively hitting the bag with double punches on the same side. You can do either front or reverse punches.

In this one, you need to hit the bag after the third rebound. This is because the speed bag is put into the right position and ready to be hit for the next rebound.

You can easily notice the pattern because of the accented sounds of your fist on the speed bag. Start counting from that accented hit.

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Speed Bag Workout Routine

If you want to develop your punches, you need to do workouts regularly with the right speed bag routine.

Here are some speed bag workout routines that you might want to do on a regular basis:

Routine for Speed

In this training routine, you will be practicing on your speed and hand coordination.

"Punching Bags" by Valerie Everett is licensed under CC By-SA 2.0

“Punching Bags” by Valerie Everett is licensed under CC By-SA 2.0

You need to set your timer for 30 seconds for every round, and you need to complete at least 8 rounds.

On the first round, you need to land at least 40 punches on the speed bag. You can start at a medium pace.

On the succeeding rounds, you need to increase at least one extra punch on each number.

One useful tip that you can use for this routine is that you need to keep your hands up. Do not let your guard down or you might get a knockout.

Routine for Strength

This routine will help you throw stronger and powerful punches. The first thing that you need to do in this routine is to inflate your speed bag to remove the creases on the leather. After that, get into your fighting stance.

Once you are in right and comfortable position, you can start punching the speed bag.

Make sure that you are hitting it as hard as you can. From there, count how many times the speed bag rebound from the backboard.

If your count is 4, practice hitting the backboard with the same power. If you have lesser, you need to hit harder than the previous one.

Once you have achieved the right number, you can start working on the specific sets.

Each set should have at least 10 hits per arm. You need to maintain the 4 rebounds per hit.

Once you master this one, add another rebound and hit at least 6 sets of punches. For each round, you must add a rebound and three sets per arm.

If you are able to finish 24 sets with 7 rebounds per hit, you need to maintain it from there. Once you reach this level, do not wind up your punch.

Always maintain your fighting stance and keep your hands up. Do not let your guard down.

Workout Routine for Your Endurance

This workout is the perfect training for your upper body. It helps improve your cardiovascular muscles and builds your endurance.

In this routine, you need to punch the speed bag for one whole minute in a fast manner while still maintaining the steady pace. You need to take note when you start feeling fatigue while you are punching the speed bag.

Once you have done that, you can start with working on the routine. You need to work on 5 sets.

Each set should last at least one minute, and you should have a 19-30 second break in between.

woman having a sparring session

After every round, you need to increase the number of seconds on each round. You need to reach a maximum of 3 minutes per round.

You don’t have to reach 3 minutes immediately. If you feel tired, take a short break. However, your break should not exceed 30 seconds.

Speed Bag Training for Accuracy

In this routine, you will learn how to aim and land your punches. In boxing, it is very important that you know how to throw a punch and land each punch in the right place.

To start, you need to hit the speed bag exactly on its center. Its rebound should move on a straight line.

Then, try hitting the other spots of the speed bag with a steady rhythm.

Repeat the same procedure and then circle the bag with small steps. Make sure that you are following the same rhythm.

Repeat this set for within a 30-second round. Increase the number of sets as you move up to another 30-second round.

Make sure to accomplish a couple of rounds before you can feel the fatigue on your punches.


It is very important that you know the basics in speed bags. Speed bag routines are important for many boxers and boxing enthusiasts. If you want to be a better puncher, follow the above-mentioned techniques on how to use a speed bag.

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