November 16, 2018
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Uppercut bags are similar to heavy punch bags though they are shaped such that during practice, you can both throw uppercuts and other varieties of punches.

The uppercut bag is ideal for training at home or gym, mainly where space is an issue or as a way of getting additional wall space.

It is however virtually impossible to throw the kind of punches we throw on uppercut bags on typical heavy bags except you choose to do it on the body.

That’s the reason angle punch bags are made in multiple shapes and sizes.

Free-standing punch bags are different in that a majority of uppercut bags are designed to be hung up like heavy bags.

A hanging uppercut punching bag has several ways to hang it as you can click here to see.

Something is fascinating about how to use the uppercut bag, and it’s the different range of training opportunities such a  horizontal bag offers.

Close to 100% of most combat athletes dedicate so much of their time striking punch bags hanging vertically as they throw the hook and straight punches.

Once you hit an uppercut bag, the proper feel and resistance make you lift it using your legs, while directing the punch upwards from the level of the floor to the direction of the ceiling at an angle matching your target.

The rock-solid feel of a correctly thrown uppercut affects your body from fist to foot.

It is the effect that you will experience in the case of throwing a vertical strike at the level of the upward elbow, as well as the upward knee.

How To Choose The Right One

boxer training with a bag

Choosing and knowing how to use the uppercut bag is the right thing to do. You have some factors to consider before making that choice.

Type – Some bags are quite appealing unlike others when it comes to throwing uppercut punches during a gym or indoor training.

However, these very bags may be accessible as such but at the same time difficult when it comes to throwing punches like hooks.

You can look at the images to decide based on the shape and style on which one is a more convenient bag to select for training.

In addition to the type and form of the bag, choose the right bag gloves that you will be using.

Use – What are you using the bag to do? Do you have a particular punch technique you want to develop or perfect? Do you want to get a bag that is generally good that you can be throwing uppercuts on?

If the latter is the reason you need the uppercut bag, then a bag style such as the RDX Angled Punch Bag is exactly what you need.

However, if you’re aiming to focus primarily on how to use the uppercut bag for your uppercut punching skills, then get the Lonsdale Striking Bag.

Length-Choose generally shorter bags. Let them be shorter than average heavy bags, that make throwing heavy shots to the body pretty simple.

Diameter – As concerns the width, bags such as the RDX Angled Punch Bag come with a much grander diameter and circumference constructed at the upper half of the punching bag and lesser diameter and circumference built at the bottom half.

It is a shape that is made for throwing uppercuts since the bag’s top half protrudes.

Weight – If the bag weighs significantly heavy, then its capacity to absorb is higher, implying that it cannot swing as much as it ought to be if you throw a powerful punch at it.

Bags really differ, and some are produced so that you can increase the number of fillers in them by yourself to increase the weight and durability.  

Free-Swinging Uppercut Punching Bags 

boxer training home with a punching bag

By and large, free-swinging uppercut punching bags are favored considering that their pendulum motion act outs the opponent’s movement.

With this, your workout more is more preparatory regarding technique development, distance control, adding footwork and defensive fundamentals.

And that’s how you can act you're chasing down, evasion, and circling your moving target in successive rounds.

However, the free-swinging backs aren’t the best for everyone for wall-mounted bags are suitable for some people.

Uppercut Bag Training Fitness Techniques And Combinations

Note that the uppercut is the most neglected punch in boxing and it’s because it is hard to train.

That means ample practice will give you rare and unique techniques on how to use the uppercut bag.

 Single Technique Ideas

  • Straight Cross
  • Straight Jab
  • Left and Right Hooks
  • Rear Uppercut
  • Lead Uppercut
  • Close Uppercut (Dirty Boxing)with Cover (lean against the bag)
  • Forward Elbow
  • Downward Elbow
  • Vertical/Up Elbow
  • High Knee (holding the bag) from the clinch
  • Skip Jumping High Knee
  • Jumping High Knee

Combination Ideas

  • Jab-Cross-Lead Uppercut and Rear Uppercut
  • Jab-Rear-Uppercut and Lead Uppercut
  • 3 Uppercuts interchanging sides L+R
  • Lead Forward Elbow-Rear Down Elbow and Lead Vertical Elbow
  • Lead High Knee-Rear Down Elbow and Lead Up Elbow
  • 5 Shoe Shine Uppercuts-Left Hook-Right Cross ( facing the bag’s end )

Ideas On Training With An Uppercut Bag.

athlete sparring with a bag

Training on a heavy bag is particularly important such as with an uppercut bag that is fascinating for power punch training like hooks and uppercuts.

The uppercut bag hangs sideways unlike the traditional hanging heavy bag.

So you don’t need to position your wrist in an awkward angle before throwing a solid uppercut like in standard heavy bags.

It is also perfect for learning head movements, footwork, including ducking and rolling under the bag for opponent punches when in a real fight.

With your use of imagination, you can consider what choice to make based on what a sound form and mechanics you prefer.

Many fighters take how to use the uppercut bag very dearly and do it with passion.

 The benefits are enormous as seen above and you just have to be knowledgeable about the right uppercut bags, and training requirements and expectations.

For example, ensure that the water and air core of your fitness and training heavy bag is well constructed to have that fulfilling feel.

That feel which allows a solid and yet a not too stiff or hard landing of your punches.

Wrap Up

In combination with shadowboxing, hitting the heavy bag and sparring, the Uppercut bag will perfect your knockout punches.

It also includes training on defending and countering with the bag swaying, and your head-hunting opponent worked on.

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