September 6, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

Body shots can be lethal. It can wreak massive internal pain which also causes loss of breath. Once you’ve learned the secret to throwing powerful body shots, you will be more likely to enjoy listening to that 5-minute drill down right on the canvas. 

If you are not yet well versed on how to throw demoralizing body shots, check out the following tips:

Don’t look down!

Looking down is like giving your opponent a hint where you plan to land your next set of punches. Pretend you’re focused on your opponent’s face while zooming your eyes so that you can have a good view of his upper body.

Stay in an upright position.

The most potent body shots are usually thrown while in an upright position. When you’re standing upright, you will be able to have more reach. Besides, being in an upright position will help ensure any punch you throw will be much stronger. 

It will also give you a better balance. You can also quickly pivot or step back anytime you need to. Standing upright will make it difficult for your opponent to guess where you plan to hit him next.

Avoid ducking.

Don’t make the mistake of ducking thinking that by doing so you will have better reach. Unfortunately, the moment you duck, your opponent will instinctively lower their guard while focusing more on how to cover their body. 

Instead, as soon as your opponent threatens to punch your head, take this as an opportunity for you to immediately throw some body punches.

Avoid reaching.

Don’t keep on reaching. When you arrive, you will be more likely to stretch your body thereby giving your opponent an ample target to hit. Instead, let your opponent do the reaching. But, keep in mind that you do not have to cringe much like a little ball. 

Cowering down will only give an impression that your opponent is much bigger than you. It will just make it easier for your opponent to surround you from all angles.

The critical thing is to make sure you get a good grasp of your reach and then avoid extending beyond that, not even a single inch. The same thing can also be right in throwing head punches.

Open up on your body.

Lethal body punches can’t be thrown when your body is all crawled much like a compact ball. You have to split your arms and reach around his guard.

When your body is wide open, and your arms are swinging wide, you will be able to have full leverage.

Just be confident.

If you’re not confident enough, then you are less likely to see your opponent crawling into a fetal position.

But, once you attack your opponent with confidence you are more likely to be hitting him with much force.

Attack him ferociously, and you will find no need to defend. If your opponent perceives your attack as something so brutal, all that he can think of is to protect himself

fiction fighters sparring

Make your attacks confidently lethal, and your opponent won’t be able to counter your punches. If your opponent feels that your punches have high intensity, he will do everything to protect his body. He won’t bother any more about answering your knocks.

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Aim for precision. 

two athletes in sparring session

When it comes to body shots, precision is the key. Although any punch that lands on the body can indeed do some damage.  A well-targeted blow will help you elicit quicker and more devastating effects.

The human body consists of muscles and bones that protect internal organs. But, some parts have little protection, and these are the parts that you should target when throwing body shots.

Examples of these body parts include the sternum, ribs, liver and under pectorals. Once your body shots are placed accurately on any of these body parts, your opponent will immediately be disabled.

So, be prepared for your finishing blow. A chance at the liver is one of the shortest ways to knock out your opponent.

Avoid following your opponent.

Don’t make yourself look stupid by following your opponent around the ring while also bobbing and weaving. 

Even if you are able to throw non-stop punches this way, you may also find yourself eating a lot of punches. The worst thing about it is that you will never be able to throw body shots with precision.

Know when to loop around.

It is very much possible that your opponent’s elbow will be in front of your target body part. One way to increase your chances of hitting your target is to loop around.

Do this if you sense that throwing a straight right will only run your opponent’s arm. 

Remember that when giving body shots, precision is your priority while power comes second. If you keep on running the right spots, even with less energy, the fight will eventually turn in your favor.

Watch your feet.

yellow boxing gloves in the gym

When throwing any punch make sure your rear foot is always in the proper position. It should be 90 degrees to where you are facing. Otherwise, you increase your risk of having torn ligaments usually in your knees. 

This kind of injury often occurs when a boxer slips and his knees buckle. Maintain a good balance by keeping your feet turned out at 45 degrees. This will significantly spare you from knee and other leg injuries.

Avoid getting injured.

Body shots are usually thrown as a start of throwing more combos. Don’t think about it as a one-punch deal. You can throw two left hooks to your opponent’s body then follow it up with a straight right. 

Or, throw body shots and then immediately follow it with a headshot and then another body shot.

Body shots are considered to be a more advanced skill. You can’t just go in and then throw 1-2-3 punches right away. Keep in mind that skilled boxers are always ready and are quick at throwing counter punches.

You have to know precisely when to throw body punches. Some fighters do some movements that trigger their opponent to react and pave the way for their body shots. However, the most brutal body shots are learned over time and lots of practice.

By gaining a lot of experiences, it will become more comfortable for you to sense your opponent’s moves. You can then easily detect when your opponent will react and when he becomes unable to counter your punches.

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