November 1, 2017
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by TheBoxingGear

Punching and boxing, in general, have been gaining massive popularity within and outside the boxing ring.

Punching is one of the trendiest forms of exercises that resemble basic boxing movements while enhancing one’s cardio-vascular conditions.

This is why knowing how to use punching mitts is very important.

The Importance of Punching Mitts

Using punching mitts when training, however, is still highly being debated as to whether or not it is necessary for boxing training.

Despite this predisposition, a great number of people still adhere to it as a tool for working out.

Regardless of its purpose, it proves to be one of the most efficient and easiest tools to use both in the world of sports and fitness.

What Are Punching Mitts?

Otherwise termed as focus mitts, punching mitts are heavily padded mitts that are designed to develop a boxing trainee’s accuracy, hand power, and upper body strength.

Different from punching bags, punching mitts are made to be mobile.

As the trainer wears it, there is a higher mobility and variations in the movement, helping the receiver become more responsive and develop a stronger sense of reflexes.

bulk of punching mitts

This also offers a more realistic simulation of boxing to the user as compared to a punching bag.

Punching mitts have a lot of variations around the globe. In fact, it has been modified so much that it is close to impossible to trace the original country to first use it.

In Mexico, for example, punching mitts used to be mere boxing gloves worn in reverse.

This practice is highly observed in the majority of their local gyms until modified punching mitts have been innovated.

In Thailand, on the other hand, punching mitts are highly modified. Locally termed as Thai Pads, they are modified as kicking shields.

This is to help boxers develop their skills in Muay Thai, a very famous kickboxing sport in Thailand.

Regardless of its origin, everyone can agree that punching mitts are one of the most useful yet underappreciated tools to be revolutionized.

So if you are looking forward to engaging with a more combative and competitive atmosphere in your work out routines, this is your new best friend.

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Choosing The Best Punching Mitts

Choosing the right quality of punching mitts will depend on how you are going to use it.

Typically, different purposes require different materials and quality. Fitness mitts, for example, are the ones being used for general exercises.

If this is your purpose of using one, you might want to consider a lightweight and well-fit mitt.

Specialist safety mitts, on the other hand, require heavy protection as they are the modified ones for boxing training and workouts.

Heavily padded ones are the most convenient option for this purpose.

How to Use Punching Mitts

As mentioned above, the proper usage of punching mitts is highly hooked on your purpose and the specific skill you are trying to develop

Here are some ways on how to properly use them and the skill you can ripen:

Adjust the mitts to the size of your hands

This is the most basic yet most important pointer in using punching mitts.

As the exercise is meant to be very dynamic, the last thing you’d want is the mitt slipping off your hands.

This might cause injuries to the one wearing it so it’s always better to be safe and sure than sorry.

Never let your eyes focus on the mitts

Punching mitts are supposed to help you develop a good set of reflexes. Thus, you need to focus more on the one wearing it rather than on the mitt itself.

This will help you hasten your preemptive skills both as a boxer and a regular work out enthusiast.

If you are the trainer, be sure to inject some random movements to test if the receiver is becoming more responsive.

Gradually increase the speed while maintaining the stances

As partners, feel free to start with slow and more relaxed punches.

If you start warming up, however, it will be way better to start modifying both of your speeds to make the training more dynamic and develop higher mastery of the fighting stance you started with.

Don’t fight the punches, catch them

As the holder of the mitt, you need to be very wary of the amount of force you exert when a punch is thrown on the mitt.

It is very important that you don’t resist it with equal or greater force exerted by the one who threw it as the heavy impact might lead to injuries on both sides.

Familiarize yourself with punching angles

Different punches are thrown at different angles. By knowing such, you become more responsive to the receiver.

Hook punches, for example, are thrown perpendicular to the ground while uppercuts are parallel to the ground.

Give callouts

This is highly recommended in dealing with starters and novice boxers.

It would be very helpful to give verbal callouts such as “Jabs!” or “to the head!” to guide the boxer in responding.

Combine fighting stances

If your partner is starting to manifest significant growth in skills, feel free to explore more fighting stances and combinations.

This will help you both develop a wider range of punching and receiving skills.

Try to learn as many new drills as you can

In this exercise, one of the main goals is to master an array of boxing drills. Be very adaptive to the changes of the fighting stances.

This will help you become more versatile and be less dependent on a rather scripted form of training.


Boxing and punching, indeed, have already gone beyond the borders of being a mere combative sport.

They have evolved to be such a reliable form of physical exercises that develop the expertise and the fitness of the trainer and the trainee.

In terms of how to use punching mitts, having a clear vision of your objective and the specific set of skills you want to develop is the main element to make your sessions more efficient.

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