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April 10, 2020
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by TheBoxingGear

Do you know who was Joe Frazier? He was one of the best boxers ever. He accomplished a record of 41 victories (including 39 KOs) and just 4 losses. He had a left hook so strong that people said that he could break a man’s skull with it. Would you like to know how he learned boxing?

He did it on his own! He picked up a bag, packed with junk and hung it on a tree, every single day he practiced punching for more than 6 years. That’s how he learned, without a gym or pads or sparring mates. If he managed to do it on his own you can learn to box on your own too.

Learning boxing is easier than you think. We will show you all that it takes to learn boxing from scratch:

Physical resistance. It is essential that your body is in an optimal version so that it can withstand the intensity of the activity and thus avoid wear and tear and possible injury.

Attitude. Starting is not easy, it is advisable to create habits to perfect your skills on a daily basis. Plan different boxing routines in a committed way so that you increase the level of demand progressively. Consider each stage as a new goal to achieve.

Practice exercises. Check out tutorials on routines that include aerobic exercises to enhance your stamina. Basics, which are those that help to work the whole body at the same time and thus exercise in a synchronized way, and we can’t leave out the weights since it’s the anaerobic exercises that help you develop more strength. It is advisable to perform at least 2 of each type.

Boxing, like any other contact sport, is very demanding on a physical and mental level. By this, we mean that the ideal is to try to be in the best possible physical shape. Therefore, it is necessary to train very often and practice the techniques to perfect them.

Basic knowledge of boxing

To practice it, it’s vital to know at least in a general way the main techniques, so it will be easier.

It is important to keep in mind how you balance your weight. You should keep it on your back foot, for example, if you are straight, your front foot will be your left and you will put your weight on your right foot. Another key point is the position of your elbows and hands, these should be under your chin.

Posture. Having an adequate and firm posture will lead you to hit harder and precisely. Besides, it’s crucial to avoid hits more easily.

Footwork. It’s obvious how vital it’s to be in constant movement in boxing. If you stay static you will be an easy target for your opponent, and if you develop good mobility you will be very unpredictable and will be able to get close to hitting and take a quick step back without losing your balance.

Punching. Punching correctly requires many hours of practice. When learning to box we have to focus on mastering the technique because a bad move in one punch will probably hurt our hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, etc.

The idea is to practice each movement slowly to better assimilate the technique, and progressively increase the speed. Once you have practiced enough, you can start making combinations of punches, for example, a couple of jabs and a hook.

Blocking. In the process of learning to box on your own, you also need to learn how to take and block as many hits as possible. If you manage to block most of them you have a high probability of winning the fight, and also reduce the damage you receive.

Stop with the palm. You’ve to keep your guard at chain level and when your rival throws a punch, you stop it with your gloves. But be careful, you need to be very attentive to stop them in time and avoid being hit. You basically don’t try to avoid the hit, but hold it with your gloves for an instant.

Swing. Try to imitate the movement of a snake, for example, turn your hips, torso, and head to avoid being hit.

Dodge hits. You have to have very good footwork to flex and move your body to avoid the hits.

Learning to box on your own is not an impossible mission. First of all, you need to have a relatively large space to train, in which you can place different implements at your comfort. All you need to do is acquire the basic boxing equipment to start your training: bag and gloves. And let’s train!

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