July 15, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

The Outslayer is not the biggest brand there is.

However, its Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled and other products managed to be among the top sellers on Amazon for many good reasons, including its great quality, durability, and support.

Read on for the complete Outslayer Punching Bag Review.


  • plusMaterials: Heavy Duty Reusable Vinyl Cover, pre-filled Shredded Fabric
  • plusHeight: 55 inches plus 10 inches’ maximum strap length
  • plusDiameter: 14 inches
  • plusShipping Weight: 99.8 pounds
  • Product Warranty: 10 years

Our Rating

What We Like

Training Variety

Though it´s an MMA bag, you can actually use for different types of strength training, such as boxing, martial arts, MMA, etc.

You can even casually use it for your cardio workout or for de-stressing after work.

10-year Warranty

It´s also a top choice among powerful hitters because it is built to last. It’s proven to stand the test of time with its 10-year warranty.

Even if the damages incurred are from your heavy training, just contact the manufacturer to have it repaired or replaced.

This incredible warranty makes it extra promising.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Shell and Cover

It’s constructed using a heavy-duty vinyl outer shell and stuffed with a punch-absorbing blend of quality fabric filler.

Leather is really the ideal cover material for heavy punching bags.

However, a sturdy vinyl shell also does the job decently. Plus, a heavy-duty vinyl cover enables you to store it anywhere.

Durable, Affordable, plus with Money Back Guarantee

It’s rather rare to see durable materials at a super affordable rate nowadays. Outslayer offers just that. They even have money-back guarantee on top of their 10-year warranty.

Pre-filled with Shredded Fabric

Some heavy bags are self-filled. That means you are the one who’s going to find 100+ lbs. worth of filler materials.

This is something you don’t want to deal with, and this is something most people appreciate about Outslayer’s punching bags.

Their heavy bag is filled with shredded fabric, enabling consistent punching experiences.

Comes with a D-ring

The item could come with a D-ring, a metal loop shaped like letter D and sewn right onto the bag’s base to which you freely can affix a base weight which helps in tethering the bag, providing resistance and keeping the bag from randomly and uncontrollably swinging.

Just contact them as you order to get this addition free of charge.

Incredible Height

Its height is around 55 inches with an extra 10 inches’ length from the straps, so the total height is extended to 65 inches.

Can be hung anywhere stable

The straps are readily sewn onto the bag, so there’s no need to purchase them separately.

This is designed to be hung from virtually anything that could support its weight. It can be from the ceiling, from a beam, from a heavy bag stand, etc.

After months of use, the sewn straps won’t have any sign of weakening or ripping.

You can add more weight up to 300 pounds

Some users want something even heavier for better resistance to punches.

If the bag is not heavy for you, it might swing back and hit you instead when it returns.

Even if it doesn’t hit you, it’s still going to be inconvenient because you can’t have a proper workout with an unstable bag.

If 100 pounds is not enough for you, you can add more filler up to 300 pounds.

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What We Don’t Like

This is not ideal for outdoor use as it is not particularly made for that purpose.

After testing it outdoors for months, it actually worked fine.

But you have to be careful as putting it in direct contact with harsh elements, like the weather, sharp objects, and other external harm could void its 10-year warranty when damaged.

If you buy it on Amazon, Black is the only option. If you’re really eyeing other colors, just visit their official website to check out other color variants available.

Just leave them a note as you order the heavy bag from Amazon for them to send your desired hue.

This product can’t be shipped to Hawaii, Porto Rico,Alaska, or to an APO address.

The shipping cost is huge.

The outer shell is not made of leather (which is the recommended material).

Who should get this?

The 100-pound weight is ideal for people 5-10 inches tall.

If you are over 180 lbs. or someone who pulls off heavy punches, then this will give a strong punching surface with a great resistance.

Despite this power and stability, it still offers the right level of comfort at a great price.

If you are on budget and are particular looking for a 100 lbs. heavy bag or so, this is a great option.

Who should avoid it?

This heavy bag is specifically designed for experienced athletes and heavy punchers.

If you think you do not belong to this group yet, perhaps you can choose the 80 lbs. heavy bag version.

Buying Tips

Before buying any punching bag, you need to first identify the activities you’re going to use it for.

There are specific bags for punching, for Muay Thai, for MMA, and so on. The good thing about Outslayer is it’s flexible enough to be used in various related sports.

You also have to choose the right size, shell, and filler. Choose the size ideal for your weight and experience level.

The shell should be sturdy enough to receive your pounds for the next years, and the filler should be stable yet forgiving enough so as not to injure yourself while working out.


This bag does have its disadvantages, but definitely the features and benefits it offers outweigh the minute drawbacks it tags along.

Any Outslayer Punching Bag Review online concludes that it does offer an outstanding value and brings the best bang for your buck.

What makes everything more compelling is their money back guarantee and 10-year warranty.

This shows their confidence in the longevity of their product, and this gives users the kind of peace of mind everybody is looking for.

Hanging your own bag can be a challenge but it is not as hard as it may look.

Our Rating

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