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Rival RHG2 Traditional Review

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, if you are looking for gears to protect you from any sport, you have to do thorough research.  There are a lot of brands and different tools and equipment out in the market. With each having unique features, which one do you actually choose? If you are looking for a boxing headgear and if you are after an original, old school design that promises an optimal result without compromise, try the Rival RHG2 Traditional Headgear.The BrandRival Boxing Gear is a Canadian-owned brand name offering stylish and innovative products developed specifically for boxing market. It creates and distributes a variety of products ranging from boxing apparels, aqua bags, body protectors, footwear, gloves, and various boxing accessories. It distributes its products worldwide. Features Weighs from 132 lbs to 190 lbs depending on the size Made of over 25 mm or 1 inch of high-density foam Designed […]

August 30, 2018/0

Reebok Boxing Shoes Review

The manufacturing of Reebok boxing shoes is done in Gaobu town, Dongguan city, san xian Zhongshan, and Jida industrial Zhuhai city.Reebok shoes are a simplified model which are mostly worn by Floyd Mayweather because of their lightweight, excellent support, stylish and quality build.Reebok boxing shoes are made of a synthetic sole which is easy to break in.A lot of people with wide feet prefer Reebok shoes, to other brands, and they all give out amazing comments on how they use only six hours to break in the boot.Many boxers admit that they can easily dodge punches when they are on rebook shoes, and they still be confident.Boxing shoes are one of the most crucial boxing equipment, which comes after the boxing gloves.These shoes help you to move with absolute control giving you anchored stops.Boxing shoes should feel light and comfortable. When you wear Reebok boxing shoes makes a big difference […]

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