August 28, 2018
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The Ringside brand has been in the industry for over thirty years. Whether you are an amateur or professional fighter, a coach, or into boxing for its fitness benefits, Ringside will cater to your needs.

Ringside offers a wide range of products including gloves and shoes to punching bags and boxing rings, to name a few.

Other products which they produce include head gears, training equipment, and various competition apparel.

They take pride in providing high-quality boxing gears and training equipment at a cost which will not hurt your pocket.

This brand is mainly known for their state-of-the-art boxing gloves, it has been their specialty.

Its technology integrates cutting-edge technology such as IMF Tech, Gel Shock, and Dome Air, with old-school craftsmanship and continues to explore to be better.

They carry other prominent brands in the business such as Ringside, Heritage, Contender Fight Sports and Cleto Reyes.

Over the years this brand has established a well-earned reputation for providing top quality gear at an affordable price.


  • IMF Technology
  • Hook & Loop Closure
  • Mesh Palm
  • Synthetic Material Allows Breathing Room

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  • Ringside continues to improve not only their gloves but all their boxing and training products. This improvement is made through continuous study and incorporation of technology based on what is needed by the users. They tend to develop these strategies on their own, and as a result, they are a pioneer in some technological advancements.
  • An excellent feature that sets this brand and their gloves apart from its competitors if the use of the breathable mesh palm and antibacterial liner.
  • The gloves are lightweight, making it easier for every user to train.
  • checkLastly, the Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves are a perfect choice for boxers who want high quality and reliable pair of gloves without spending a ridiculous amount of money.


  • Many use the IMF foam padding protection in the glove tends to become softer and offer less protection when striking.
  • Synthetic leather may not be a good insulator if you use your gloves during winter.


The Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves are available in 10, 14, a 16 oz in sizes. It has eight combinations of colors to choose from.

Explicitly, you may opt to have black and gold, black and green, black, gold, and red, blue and white, pink and lime, red and black, red and white, and lastly, black and white.

Their gloves have simple and aesthetically pleasing designs. You will quickly notice the large Ringside logo printed on the top of the glove.

The hook and loop strap is also written with the brand logo. On the same area inside is a print of the glove’s size.

Regarding design on the palm area, you will also notice Ringside’s trademark which reads, “The Best in Boxing” printed.

These boxing gloves are made of durable synthetic leather for easy cleaning.

The thumb compartment is not ultimately attached to the body of the glove. The thumb is instead connected to the glove through a connecting garter.

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves, Black/Green, 16 oz

The gloves are also pre-broken, so you can comfortably open and close your fist pretty easily.

Its wrist closure is hook and loop using Velcro as material, which allows good wrist support and comfort when striking. The gloves have a good fit which closes the fingertips together a little bit closer.

The Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves have not only a stylish design but also a durable one. The design does not just easily fade away after multiple uses.            


This brand takes pride in designing competition gears to achieve one single purpose, that is to aid athletes in reaching their full potential.

The brand is living to its principle to produce high quality and functional gears which users can trust to perform through the toughest of challenges.

This brand continues to achieve these goals through an ongoing, conscious effort to develop new ideas, improve production methods and incorporate cutting-edge technologies.

IMF Technology ™

 One of its impressive technological features is the use of Injected Molded Foam Technology ™ (more popularly known as IMF Tech ™). They are the very first to incorporate this kind of technology into their boxing gloves.

The IMF Tech ™ means that each glove has a single layer molded injected foam.

More specifically, the IMF tech is centered on a single piece of protective foam produced by inserting a specially formulated liquid component into an anatomically correct mold.

Furthermore, this feature results in a durable, shock-absorbing foam that requires no break-in period. It will remain consistent over time and will encase the fist in the most natural position possible.

Other companies have since adopted IMF for padding after Ringside. This new technology undoubtedly provides another level of versatility, protection, and durability.

Quick Tie Tech ™

This feature simplifies and streamlines the hassle of traditional lace closures. Quick Tie Tech ™ replaces internal eyelets with external lace channels, effectively eliminating the inconvenience of having to tighten each lace section individually.

Instead, equipment can now be compressed with one, a simple pull of the strings.

Just said, the innovative Quick Tie Tech ™ allows the gloves to be tightened with a simple pull of the laces.

Flex Panel Technology ™

The Flex Panel Technology ™ integrates elastic flex hinges at specific positions.

These panels alleviate the static nature of traditional materials by expanding and contracting with the user, thereby providing the most custom fit available.

The elastic flex panels on each side of the headgear and perimeter of the ear channels easily expand and contract.

This provides the wearer with a custom fit which may be unattainable with any other competing brand.

Coil Defense Technology ™

Another feature which Ringside takes pride of is its use of the Coil Defense Technology ™.

This incorporates ergonomically designed foam padding that wraps or coils around the body’s natural curves.

This is a significant innovation as it does not only provide a greater radius of protection, but it also makes the gear more form fitting and comfortable.


Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves, Black/Green, 16 oz

MPF Technology

Ringside also uses Molded Protective Foam Technology ™ (MPF Technology ™). This means they use specially formulated materials and customized hand molds, which provide a more flexible and impact reducing padding system than layered foam gloves.

Their MPF Tech ™ gloves offer a pre-curved and an ergonomically correct protective compartment for the most comfortable fit available.

This feature on the padding further provides maximum shock protection, as well as knuckle protection.

Gel Shock ™

The Gel Shock ™ padding system includes specifically positioned layers of gel that supplement the foam core and enhance the impact-absorbing properties.

The multidimensional nature of the gel also improves comfort for the user. The Gel Shock ™ protects the user from the impact thrown at every punch.

Dome Air Technology (D.A.T.) ™

This technology adds a thick foam composite to maximize shock absorbency at each punch thrown by the user.  The DAT ™ combines exceptionally engineered foam layers with a strategically placed air pocket to disperse and minimize incoming force.

The air chamber accentuates the impact reducing properties of the foam by using air trapped in the pocket as a natural energy dissipater.


As mentioned, these gloves are made of leather-like / synthetic leather material instead of genuine leather. Hence, its long-term durability might be questionable.

However, the Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves offer more than the skin. They are incorporated and designed using well-thought technologies.

Quad-Layer Impact Foam System ™

Ringside uses Quad-Layer Impact Foam System ™, which is consisted of four foam layers.

These layers are bonded together to create the ideal composite for absorbing shock and maintaining the protective integrity of the glove. 

Each foam layer is specially designed to complement the other and when combined, shield the user from incoming energy.

The addition of this feature does not only work to protect the boxer from impact, but also to ensure that the gloves are durable and are capable of lasting for years.


Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves, Black/Green, 16 oz

The use of synthetic leather may be an issue of durability, but regarding support, it is a good thing. Because the gloves are made of synthetic, they are relatively easier to clean and maintain.

Their gloves also have distinct features which makes maintenance a whole lot easier.

Mesh’s palm

They are specially designed with a breathable mesh palm and anti-microbial inner liner.

These features allow the air to flow through for maximum comfort. They also keep your hands cool and comfortable during your boxing workout.

So if you are a boxer who gets sweaty hand pretty quickly, this is apparently good for you.

Boxing gloves which do not have proper ventilation tend to smell bad easily as sweat and moisture are trapped inside.

It is also harder to clean and dry up a glove that is not adequately ventilated, which should be the top priority after each boxing session.

Breathable thumb compartment holes

Apart from the use of breathable mesh palm and anti-microbial liner, Ringside further added a ventilation feature.

You will notice in the Apex Sparring Gloves that they usually have a hole on the thumb compartment area. 

This is to allow air flowing through the area, which will obviously help keep the thumb compartment dry and comfortable.


Finally, just like any product used for robust activity on earth, do not expect these gloves to last for a lifetime.

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring gloves need care. It is a perfect idea if you develop a habit of keeping them clean after every session.

By so doing, you make them pleasant for the next meeting. 

For beginners who want to be serious with boxing, these gloves are of high recommendation. It is because they offer sufficient support while training.

Therefore, do not let yourself miss one of these incredible pairs in your boxing experience. You will have ultimately nothing to regret.

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