October 31, 2017
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by TheBoxingGear

Boxing is considered as an intense sport which aims to incapacitate the opponent by throwing punches.

Boxers go through rigorous trainings, such shadow boxing, just to achieve the right shape for this strenuous sport.

Shadow boxing can also help shape the body. In this article, you will know just how does shadow boxing burn fat.

What is shadow boxing? 

Shadow boxing is simply done by throwing punches in the air as if you are realistically facing your opponent.

It is a perfect drill that most boxers do to develop and improve fighting techniques or to hone their muscles.

Not only does it improve your fighting style and technique but also burns fat due to its high intensity workout.

fighter throwing punches

Shadow boxing is not only an exciting sport but also an effective workout for those who want to lose weight.

There is no better proof than looking at the boxer’s body to know how shadow boxing burns fat.

Boxing instructor, Cole William, says that shadow boxing is an effective full body workout with minimum impact.

He compared it to a pulley system in which with every punch works your shoulders, hips, and core — similar to tearing your body.

Plus, shadow boxing can be done anywhere. You just need to have an open mind.

It’s not only a workout routine but an exciting and fun way to create movements in your mind and act willingly to what your mind has imagined.

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How should we do shadow boxing? 

There is no need to buy a punching bag or gloves to do the shadow boxing.

Facing the mirror, boxing with your shadow or reflection or simply visualizing or allowing your imagination to work are good enough to execute shadow boxing.

You can even do it at home. Here are some simple steps to shadow box properly:

  • Concentrate on a move per round which lasts for three minutes.
    • If you are already familiar with the movement, try another move for another round like jab or uppercut.
    • You can also have combinations of the move you just learned.
    • This familiarizes you with the different moves and techniques you can use in shadow boxing.
  • If you are already familiar with the moves, aim to throw as many punches as you can in a single round.
    • This will test your endurance and build up strength in your muscles.
    • At the end of each round, take a quick breath the work on with the next movements.
  • Work on your feet.
    • You could move sideways or back and front as you perform the drill of shadow boxing.
    • As you go, you can also incorporate your footwork with some of your punches. This is where the fat breaks down.


These are only the basics. Shadow boxing can help you a lot in burning fat and also in critiquing your movements so you could focus on improving them.

However, before deciding to have another routine as your drill in shadow boxing, seek the consultation of a physician so you could avoid any unwanted circumstances.

What are the benefits of shadow boxing? 

Shadow boxing has benefits one could be amazed at how effective it is in losing weight.

shadow boxing session

It is a full-body cardio workout that tones your muscles efficiently.

You may be using your arms most of the times but you will be surprised at how many muscles may be used in the workout especially when you incorporate footwork with the punches.

It can develop reflexes, strength, and endurance. It could work out shoulders, chest, abdominal muscles, calves and much more.

You can compare it to jogging as it can burn 400 calories in doing an hour-long imaginary boxing.

It exercises your lungs the most for you will have to keep moving in a shadow boxing.

Just keep in mind that the punches and footwork need to be executed properly to avoid injury.

It is also advisable to seek guidance to someone who is knowledgeable about this workout – trainer or instructor.


Shadow boxing, as mentioned above, is a drill used by professional boxers in improving their fighting technique, endurance, and strength.

Shadow boxing has its advantages only when done properly with the right purpose in mind. Shadow can help achieve good abs as a good cardio workout.

That is why it is of utmost importance to consult a professional shadow boxing trainer to know just how does shadow boxing burn fat.

Going on a professional training for boxing can guide you in doing the right exercises and drills appropriately.

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