July 15, 2018
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TITLE is amongst the rising brands in the industry.

Made of multiple layers of shock absorbers and authentic leather shell, it is one of the most durable training gloves in the market.

Below is the Title Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves Review.


  • plusMaterials: Leather shell, satin nylon lining, hook and loop securing system
  • plusWeights: 12, 14, or 16 oz.
  • plusColors: black/white, red/white, blue/white, pink/white, light pink/white
  • plusShipping Weight: 1 pound

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Offered at a very reasonable price range, this training glove is primarily known for its superb durability.

Made with an authentic leather shell, it is able to keep up with your workouts and is able to remain intact from forces as compared to other brands.

Furthermore, its leather material doesn’t weather out through time very easily.

Closure Design

It is strategically designed with a hook and loop closure to ensure that it doesn’t fly off one’s hands while training.

This provides a high sense of security for every punch you are going to throw without having to worry that the glove will come off or will be misaligned with your hands.


It comes with a very modern yet simple design.

It is usually offered in black, blue, pink, light pink, and redvariations, all combined with a very expensive-looking white leather highlights across the wrists and below the palms.

This gives you a very strong aura while remaining very stylish with your gloves.

Shock Absorbers

One problem that boxers often face is injuring their hands or fingers during training.

The interior of this product is lined with multiple layers of shock absorbers made of high-quality foams.

This makes working out and boxing far more efficient and effectively prevents any injuries that the hands might suffer out of the impacts.


The product is made with a built-in satin nylon lining. This is deliberately incorporated to prevent the retention of hand moisture within the glove.

This is perfect in maintaining the needed friction during training and even during actual boxing.

This also preserves the freshness of the interior of the gloves between uses.


The product comes in weights of 12, 14, or 16 ounces which are all designed to target specific age groups.

These variations are purposely modified to address the different capacities of young and adult users.

This wide-ranging weight also denotes differences in the levels of paddings, thus, making it sensitive to levels of expertise as well.


A lot of low-quality gloves in the market are very uncomfortable to use. This product, however, is conveniently made with numerous layers of paddings.

With this, you can significantly increase the number of punches you throw, while maintaining the coziness of your hands.


Aside from its very modern aesthetics which can easily appeal to a large group of users, you can easily adjust it to your hand size as well with its hook-and-loop closure and wrist strap for a tighter fit.

This ensures that users will experience the same quality and comfort regardless of the size of their hands.

What we don’t like

  • Given that it’s made with authentic leather, storing it in rooms with too little or too much moister can damage the quality of the gloves. 
    • Make sure to store it in temperature-controlled areas such as well-maintained lockers that are away from direct sunlight to ensure that the top quality of the leather material will last for a longer period of time.
  • Promising as it is, the product is not the most accessible to the worldwide boxing market. 
  • Upon repeated usage and through time, the color of the leather gloves tends to fade away. 
    • Although it doesn’t happen as fast as compared to other brands, it still irks a lot of users.
    • This, however, can be prevented by lessening the exposure of the gloves to excessive sunlight, dirt, and dust.

Who should get this?

The varied weight of the product adheres to a very diverse range of users.

With Weight variations in 12, 14, or 16 ounces, both kids and adults can enjoy this product.

This can also be a reference for amateur and professional boxers since it denotes dissimilarities in the number of paddings within.

Professional boxers usually opt for lesser paddings.

Who should avoid it?

While this is designed to be accessible to a diverse market, you should be very weary with the product weight you are going to order.

Don’t be shy to let a boxing or local sports shop measure your hands to ensure compatibility with the weight you will subscribe to.

Buying Tips

This product is primarily built for long-term use. If you plan to invest on it, be sure that you have a legitimate sports goal as not to dissipate the money you invested.

Take advantage of its durability and maximize the usage of it. Be sure to examine the products and be extra careful when ordering online.

Furthermore, as mentioned in the earlier parts of this review, differences in weights would matter a lot.

Be very sensitive to this because the wrong weight choice may lead to you injuring yourself or your training sessions to be very uncomfortable.

Asking for professional advice is always the best option.


Reading this Title Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves review, you might have made up your buying decision.

While the gloves may have its own downfalls, it undeniably exceeds other brands in terms of quality.

From the materials that are used in its construction to the stylish packaging of it, it is definitely worth the money you will invest.

Furthermore, you no longer have to customize your gloves due to its very versatile features.

You can freely choose your size and adjust the gloves to your comfort. This will save you a whole lot of money from customizing your gloves.

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