July 15, 2018
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Title Boxing never fails to offer high quality products to the market. 

Title Gel World Bag Gloves guarantee high-end performance, protection, and power as it comes with an exclusive Gel Lining and layered foam padding.

Read this Title Gel World Bag Gloves review for more information.


  • plusMaterials: All-leather outer with hand compartment lining and wraparound adjustable wrist strap
  • plusSizes: Medium, Large, Extra-Large
  • plusColor: Black, Pink and Red
  • plusWeight: Approximately 16oz.

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What We Like


Its gel lining feature delivers supreme layers of custom fit as well as an impact resistance.

It delivers round after winning round as it is well-made with good and solid quality.  With its durability, heavy hitters need not to worry using these tough gloves. 

These great gloves are highly recommended for sparring and hitting boxing training bags as these are very sturdy and well built.

If you purchase a pair on Amazon, you’ll get free shippingwithin the U.S. and APO/FPO addresses.

1-year Warranty

It may not be as promising as it is, but all Gel training equipment is guaranteed for complete customer satisfaction with its one full year warranty from the date of purchase against any defects and less normal wear and tear.

Gel Enforced Lining

Unlike any other bag gloves, this pair of gloves comes with a gel enforced lining that helps you win the game.

It has a full-grain leather, triple nylon stitch, and moisture-wicking anti-microbial inner lining for cool and comfortable wear.

Wraparound Adjustable Wrist Strap

It comes with a wraparound adjustable strap with features of D-ring for tight splints and hook-and-loop closure feature for a secure fit and lock up. 

The large Velcro strap helps the user easily wear the gloves.

Worth Every Penny

With its great features and high quality, Title gel world bag gloves are one of the costliest gloves in the market.

It’s always worth the penny if you can protect your hands from any injury.

With these gloves, your hands will be protected, allowing you to hit much harder and work out better.

Heavy Punch Less Pain

With high quality leather, excellent gel padding, good wrist support, quality stitching and secure lock up, you can absolutely give a heavy punch.

However, even if you give a heavy punch, all the problems with getting skinned knuckles and pain in the wrist will vanish because of the great features of the gloves.

Color Choices

Black, pink and red are the available colors of the gloves. With your own preference, you can always choose what color you like most. 

You can always give the best punch when you have the right color.

Eye Catcher

Other athletes will certainly take a look at your gloves as this pair is an eye catcher because it looks classic, specialized, and professional.

Surely, people will get interested in it and will definitely want to have a pair because you’ll get the chance to market it to them. 

No Regrets

These gloves are extremely and tremendously better than the regular ones.

Aside from the fact that you will feel less pain in your knuckles and wrist, you will also feel safe in hitting heavy punches.

It is always best to invest on your safety rather than buying cheap items that will harm and disappoint you. These are amazing gloves.

What We Don’t Like

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves, Black, Large

  • If you’re not used to it, it will put a strain in your hands for the first time because it’s a little bit heavier than the regular one.
  • ​The face of the glove is not flat enough to make the wrist roll when hitting the bag.
  • The warranty is only 1 Year.

Who should get this?

These gloves are best fit to use for heavy hitters.  If you are doing work out regularly and are pulling off heavy punches, then this is best fit for you.

This will help you build your muscle and maintains a fit, strong, and healthy body.

Who should avoid this?

If you’re a beginner in boxing, it’s ideal to purchase a regular glove before buying a pair of this product.

If you’ll use this directly, your hands will definitely get a skinned knuckle and your wrist will get hurt.

However, if you’re used to the heavy training in boxing, it wouldn’t hurt to opt for this product.

Buying Tips

When choosing a pair of gloves to use for boxing, purchase an item that is best suited for you.

You must choose the right size of the gloves because these are greatly used when best fitted in your hands.

Also choose the size that is perfect for your weight and capacity. More importantly, do not cheap out the well-being of your hands and your wrists.

In order to keep your pair of gloves longer, make sure to keep it clean and fresh after using.

Make sure to put gloves deodorizer to keep your gloves smell great and long lasting.

With clean and fresh gloves, you can always have a good and heavy round of punches.


Each pair of gloves has its own features with advantages and disadvantages.

The trick is to be able to choose the one that works best for your boxing skills and training styles. 

You must always have the ones that benefit our own passion. 

In this Title Gel World Bag Glovesreview, you can see that this product comes with an exceptional cost with its great quality and features.

Before making your purchase, make sure that you have weighed the important factors to consider so you’ll be able to make the best choice among your selections.

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