August 24, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

Venum has already earned quite an excellent reputation as a supplier of boxing and MMA equipment and for a good reason. Its quality looks, and price indeed speaks for themselves.

The best thing about Venum boxing gloves is that they prioritize utility and functionality over anything else.

These Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are excellent for sparring by beginners and intermediate level. But, those who are in advanced level could also use this glove without a problem.

This Venum EliteBoxing Glovesfar exceeds the quality of other Venum Gloves. It is mainly built not just for hitting the bags.

It also performs comparably to other Venum counterparts that are more expensive. It has all of the following features:

  • Premium Skintex Leather
  • Mesh Panel Under The Fist
  • Triple Density Foam
  • Reinforced Palm
  • 100% Full Attached Thumb
  • Great Ergonomics
  • Strengthened Seams
  • Long Cuffs
  • Embossed Venum Logo (3d Touch) On Each Boxing Cuff
  • Velcro Straps


  • Fabric: Premium Skintex leather
  • Triple density foam technology
  • Full thumb protection to avoid injury
  • Excellent thermal regulation

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Premium Skintex Leather

Although it only uses engineered synthetic leather, you’ll be surprised to find that itfeels so comfortable as if you’re using a glove that’s made from softer latex leather.

It feels so smooth on your hands, and it also feels snappy on your fingertips. Once you put this on, it would feel like it’s a part of your hand.

Its Skintex leather is better compared to Vinyl because it’s softer which makes thereceiving skin less prone to friction that could jumpstart the onset of irritating rashes.

And, all these would mean good news for your sparring partner!

These gloves were designed in a way to last longer than you need it to. Its Skintextsurface does not wear out too quickly.

Mesh Panel

The glove has high-density mesh under the grip bar of the palm. This dramaticallyregulates the heat while also making sure that your hands remain dry.

Its mesh fabric and punched holes provide ample ventilation for the hands.The thumb area also has additional ventilation.

This translates to cool hands even in the midst of heated throwing of punches. Besides, its ventilation also makes your hands less likely to smell bad after training.

Strengthened Seams

These Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are made in Thailand and were manufacturedusing superior materials.

Its durability can be attributed to its durable and double stitching, which results instrengthened seams that could last longer as it makes it more durable and less prone to wear and tear. Plus, better wrist support for greater protection.

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Triple Density Foam

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, Black, 16 oz

The inside foams are made of triple-density foam which gives it an exceptionalamount of support for the hands. Besides, this triple density foam also means greater durability and more capability to achieve maximum impact.

It has sufficient padding on the knuckle and thumb areas. It also has enough padding on the front and back part of the hand.

This dense padding helps provide better protection from blocking and parryingpunches.

Its advanced and reinforced foam also provides better shock absorption during blows thus lengthening its lifespan.

It also makes it more comfortable for you to transfer the power of your punch into your opponent, knowing that your knuckles, fingers, and hands are well-protected.

Another great thing about these gloves is that it can be used for sparring and for bagtraining.

The problem with other gloves is that it only has significantly less paddingwhich means it is not ideal for punching bag workouts. Luckily, these gloves can be used comfortably both for sparring and practice on the canvas.

Great Ergonomics

These gloves possess a crucial ergonomic alignment that helps its users make the most of each punch. It is shaped in a way that your hands are bent towards your wrist joint.

This forces the hands to punch directly with its knuckles which is good for boxing or kickboxing because it allows the hands to rest on a punching position naturally.

However, not all users punch the same way which means this feature could be a littleuncomfortable for those who want to hit or block with their hands more opened.

This feature may not mean an advantage to those who are into Muay Thai since they are more likely to prefer using gloves that enable their hands to shift easily when they need to clinch, parry or strike.

Roomy Hand and Thumb Compartment

The hand and thumb compartments have ample space. Although some people do not like it when the thumb part feels pretty spacious. 

Its large compartment could mean discomfort for those who have small hands.

Its extra room in the thumb and palm areas make it more significant than most of the gloves available for boxing that you can find in the market. 

For those with smaller hands, this may pose a problem as it reduces its stability once it’s worn.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, Black, 16 oz

For men with bigger hands and want their gloves to be something that feels tight enough, this Venum Elite glove would be a perfect option.

It has a firm fit so you won’t have to worry once you go heavy on the bag or pads.

Velcro Straps

If you do not like the idea of fiddling around with laces, this glove would be the bestoption for you. Its wrist support comes with long velcro. Velcro straps require lesseffort and less time to put on by yourself.

Taking them off and putting them back on during short training sessions can be such a breeze if your gloves have velcro straps. This is such an advantage for beginners who are training alone.

These velcro straps make it easier for you to put on and take off your gloves withoutthe need of someone else’s help, unlike when you’re using lace up gloves.

Its long velcro strap helps ensure that you can lock your fist and your forearms in place.

This makes you feel more secure which is a big deal when it comes to defensive drills and parrying.

Attached Thumb

The worst thing about being a fighter or a boxer is the risk of getting injured. Thecombative nature of boxing, MMA or Muay Thai increases the likelihood of sustainingeither a minor or major injury which could occur during extensive training or duringactual fights in the ring.

Choosing the right gloves is crucial. It will not only reduce the risk for injuries, but it can also serve as great motivation especially for the budding boxing, MMA or Muay Thai fighters.

This is when Venum Elite Gloves will prove to be your best option as it also includes 100 percent attached thumb and reinforced palm that reduces the likelihood of getting injured even with the most devastating punch that one throws.

An attached thumb is essential especially if you’re using the gloves for boxing. Itprevents the thumb from being hit accidentally.

So, if the inches are attached, full force is taken on the knuckles while your thumbs are out of the way.

An attached thumb will also prevent yours from thumbing your opponent or sparringpartner’s eye. Get these gloves, and your sparring partner will definitely thank you for it!

Fierce Looks

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, Black, 16 oz

The way that this glove is designed exudes an intense and more badass look whichmakes it very suitable for its purpose. The looks alone conveys a message that you’re serious about boxing and that you mean business.Its sharp-edged paint on its outer surface makes the glove entirely distinct.

You can choose from a variety of colors depending on your preference or level. TheseVenum Elite Gloves are available in light, bright and dark colors.

Each glove comes with an artistically painted outer appearance that will not only suit the user’s color preference. It will also suit what the fighter is trying to portray in the ring or to his opponent.


These gloves are also available in 8-16 ounces, which means if you weigh 120 lbs. Ormore or whether you use it for training or competition, there is a specific Venum EliteGlove that will perfectly suit you.

Heavier gloves are not always better, it will largely depend whether you’re just intosparring or about to join a competition.


These group of Elites is far more comfortable compared to the Challenger 2.0 lineup.But, the amount of these Elites is about generally higher.

At its current price these gloves are definitely worth it. Besides, who does not want asuperior training experience at a low price?

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These gloves may not be perfect for everybody, but it sure has everything you need to be able to improve your boxing skills. Besides, we cannot ignore the fact that the name of the glove is Venum.

Well, it may sound an exaggeration if we say that this glove can help you become one who’s capable of throwing deadly punches. But, its features and functionality are no doubt enough to help you develop better boxing feat.

With its reasonable price, comfort and performance, it’s so easy to see why these gloves must be part of your boxing regimen.

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