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August 28, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

Winning® boxing gears is a brand established in 1937. Its specialist is Kozuji, which manufactures its products in Japan.

Its high-quality products are handcrafted in Japan and are the reference for any professional or amateur boxers.

Its products include a wide range of gloves, headgear, groin protectors and other accessories. Kozuji ships its products worldwide from Japan by Japan Post express.

All shipping is insured and registered mail (ePacket airmail for small accessories and Expedited EMS for everything else).

In this review, we will focus on one of its favorite boxing gloves products, the Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16 oz.

Winning has long established its brand in the market. Over the years it has proven itself to be a prominent brand. It takes pride in quality in craftsmanship, foam and leather materials, and overall comfort.


  • Lace-up wrist closure 
  • Perfect For Sparring
  • Extra padding for hands
  • Extra protection for thumbs

Our Rating


  • These gloves have excellent detail and craftsmanship.
  • The padding is very efficient and provides the utmost comfort and protection for boxers, especially those that are training for more extended hours.
  • These gloves are neither too bulky, nor too round.  They are specially designed so as not to limit your they player’s training and growth potential.
  • checkWinning uses superior quality leather. If taken proper care and maintained well, these gloves will definitely last for years.
  • checkGood value for spend. Admittedly, these gloves are pricier than the products of its competitors, but it will surely be of value. It has good quality, highly durable, and guaranteed to last long.


  • Winning gloves are expensive compared to other competing brands. They may be out of the price range of many fighters.
  • The main glove compartment is relatively small. Players with larger hands may find it uncomfortable and hard regarding fitting their hands and wraps inside. Because of this, it is also hard to remove the gloves after using them.
  • The Winning gloves, known for its pillowy and soft padding, may not be suitable for punching hard. This feature is useful for sparring and training and is superb in protecting your hand against impact. But because of this, it also offers less impact to the opponent, which is, of course, a disadvantage if you are in a fight.
  • If you are into flashy and unique designs, these gloves lack them. The Winning Training Gloves’ designs are simple, sleek, and minimalist.

External Design

Winning’s designs are sleek and clean. The Winning 16-ounce boxing gloves which are designed for training come in 14 different colors.

You have a variety of choices from white to red to navy to yellow. 

With its minimal and not too flashy designs, every pair is sure to appeal to both seasoned boxers, as well as those who have just started training.

One of the things that this brand is known for is its good job on construction or assembly.

One of the first few things which you will notice is that the gloves contain a lot of padding on the top. It is so apparent because the filling comes in thick.

The thumb compartment is attached to the glove, curved in, and is heavily padded just as enough.

This feature allows you not to feel anything when you hit the bags during training. It is also designed to protect your thumb in each punch you give.

The external appearance includes the Winning logo on the top and an imprinted Winning trade name on the side.

From the outside, everything looks sleek and simple.  On the same hand, the inside of the glove contains a printed image which tells you the size of the pair you got.

Probably one of the possible downsides regarding design is the hook and loop/bottom part of the glove.

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz (Black)

When you have used it for long, you will eventually notice that it gets worn out over time. It also starts to stretch to stretch out after a while.

With this, you will need to get the gloves tighter and tighter.

It may not be a big deal for other users, but unlike other brands like Reyes, the hook and loop piece do not get worn out quickly. 

These gloves are also pre-broken which makes it comfortable as you can open up your palm or make a solid clench or fist.

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Lace-up wrist closure

Commonly, gloves are made with Velcro wrist lock support/closure. Some brands offer a single wrist lock, and some even provide dual closure for maximum wrist support.

A few of Winning Training Boxing Gloves are designed with lace-up wrist closure instead of the usual Velcro material.

One downside of using lace-ups is that it makes the gloves slower to put on a take-off.

However, the use of lace-up results in greater wrist protection through the elongated wrist length for boxers who tends to have difficulty with weaker wrists.

This is also especially good for players who injure their wrists easily and have been advised to avoid Velcro enclosure training gloves for this reason.

Also because of the lace-up feature, as opposed to Velcro, the gloves may breathe a little better.

This feature prevents the sweat from building up on the interior.

Also, the same soft plush leather finish and comfortable padding on the interior is felt when sliding these premium gloves on.

For the fitting, Winning gloves are known to have a slimmer profile and a tighter fit on the hand. This product should not be expected to be any different.

Velcro wrist closure

Some of Winning’s boxing gloves come with a large Velcro enclosure to keep the gloves closed, which in turn creating a tight fit above the hand wraps.

This feature makes it easier to fit in and take off the gloves after sparring, mitts, or a session with the training bag.


Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz (Black)


If you read reviews online of the Winning Training Boxing Gloves, you would often see users/boxers referring to these gloves as “pillows.”

This is because their padding is made durable and soft to give the user the utmost comfort.

Similarly, the filling is made to protect your hands as it is designed to absorb the impact of every punch.

With these comfort features, Winning Gloves are perfect for long time sparring, mitt work, and even for hardcore training on the heavy bag.

You can hold long training sessions without damaging your hands.

You will not have any issues with a gym accepting these gloves for sparring and other forms of boxing training.

The padding benefits from an even balance through the glove which provides equal protection for the hands throughout.

These gloves are not necessarily perfect for tournaments as they do not have knockout power.

Instead, they are designed for training which allows you to experience the maximum protection.

Anti-thumbing design

Another unique feature of the Winning gloves is that they have an anti-thumb design for the thumb section.

This is primarily designed for you to avoid injuring your thumb and promoting proper fist formation.

Furthermore, this feature prevents you from having soring thumb. This is very important especially if you are engaging in more extended training sessions.


These gloves are made of legit leather which is designed to last for years.

This high-quality material allows your gloves to last longer than those made of synthetic materials.

You will also notice the stitches around the gloves. These are intentionally made on multiple layers and at all the right places to increase its durability. 

Winning have been making boxing gloves since 1937. Regarding durability, they have mastered which features to focus on and have improved over the years.

Its innovation focuses on providing the user protection against the strong impact brought by each punch.

With the proper maintenance, your Winning Training Gloves is sure to last for years. 


Winning Training Boxing Gloves come in the standard 10, 12, 16, and 18 oz. Sizes. If you are a starting or lighter boxer, it is better for you to choose a glove that has less padding.

In this case, you may want to stick at first with 10 or 12 oz. 

On the other hand, if you are on the heavier side, a more massive pair of gloves will be better as these will give your hands the protection you need.

Regardless, try the gloves better getting a pair since the buyer’s taste differ on a case to case basis.

Some people feel that they need to buy lesser padded gloves to feel more comfortable, but this is not the case, and you could put your hands at risk.


As a conclusion, the comfort levels of these gloves are high no matter what the size is.

However, you have to make sure you pick the size that fits you perfectly before investing in a pair of gloves. Any way you want to make the most out of each penny you shell out.

Our Rating

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