July 15, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

Boxing is known as an effective method for self-defense in the streets.

Boxers are considered as the best in striking a blow for they have fatal fists compared to other fighters with other styles of fighting.

This article will discuss the boxing self-defense techniques and their effectiveness in a street fight.

Is Boxing Good for Self-Defense? 

Generally, boxing isn’t intended for self-protection, but amusingly, it’s the most effective MA style for street fighting especially if unarmed.

Boxing is not only considered as the most effective method for street fight. It’s also the easiest way to learn by having just three punches to be familiar with.

Hence, it’s the reason why boxers are the most dreaded on streets for they only depend on winning with just a few combat skills.

As mentioned above, boxing isn’t designed for self-defense, but it is amazingly the most convenient and effective fighting style to execute in street fights.

olympic boxers trading shots

It could teach you full power with each strike and defense as well.

One will learn to execute boxing self-defense techniques to both hands from different ranges. You will also learn to parry, block, dodge, slip and shun the attacks.

These are the crucial aspects if you are thinking to use boxing as self-defense. These techniques might save you if done properly with the appropriate stance.

However, without proper knowledge, these techniques in boxing might end up injuring you.

Self-Defense Boxing for The Street

In an authentic street fight, boxing will serve as a savage struggle for your life. There will be no referee if you’re hurt.

There will be no one to stop the battle once someone has violated the rules.

The conditioning you get from boxing will develop the optimum capability of your fists for the real battle is an abominable mess.

One has to use all his might, aggression, and skill once forced to face in this kind of war.

Boxing Self-defense Techniques

  1. Build a bulwark for your personal space.

In protecting one’s personal space in a street fight, you must be able to set a clear wall or boundary between your opponent and you.

sparring session

Boundary can be determined or preserved once you go away with the use of physical force.

In a street fight, one must learn using the “soft skills.” These soft skills refer to the use of words to simply communicate with the opponent first to avoid insinuating the fight.

The one who desires to get physical will be the first to break the barrier. This will be your go signal to also counter your opponent’s attack.

If you want your assaulter to keep a distance from you, a hard strong jab works effectively if you weren’t able to attack first.

  1. Make the first move.

Setting the boundary gives you the opportunity to assess your aggressor and also to preclude him from attacking.

From assessing your opponent, you can analyze and anticipate attacks from him, hence, making all your senses conditioned for fighting.

Don’t wait for the aggressor to have his chance to be the one to attack first. The beginning is a critical period in a street fight.

It determines the mood and also sets great advantage for the first one who has assessed the situation.

At a discourse range, making the move will actually beat the reaction. Once you notice that the aggressor wants to break the barrier you set, strike first and punch hard.

In boxing, target hitting the head. The head is considered as a fatal area where the opponent will be forced to defend himself rather than hurt you in the fight.

Never let him be the dictator in the fight. Don’t let him stand the chance to attack back.

  1. Maintain the pressure

“An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth” will be a great tip for you in keeping up with the pressure in a street fight.

Once an assault was done first, you must entertain it with the exact and even greater force you could give.

You must keep your stance and move forward until you determine that the threat is gone.

boxers sparring

Maintain the preemptive blow then use a straight one-two punches. This will make you the dictator of the fight.

  1. Defend yourself

You will never know what might happen in a fight. In a single mistake, it could turn the tables upside down.

If your opponent has broken your barrier and caught you off guard, it is necessary to regain calmness as soon as possible so you could be able to think clearly from the surprise.

Immediately be in a defense position by tucking the elbows on your side so you could protect your body.

Your hands should be on guard for the head.

It is important to keep moving while on the defense mode so you won’t be a stationary target for your opponent.

Be sure that you can see clearly through the defense your making.

By this, you can do counter attacks when possible. Your aim in this kind of situation is to turn the defense into an assault as soon as you can.

  1. Fight nastily

Street boxing varies differently to a professional boxing match – where there are rules and violations are taken into consideration.

In a street fight, rules won’t be able to protect you. You have to survive by yourself and the skills that you know will save you.

There are many boxing techniques that you can learn to help you with a street fight.

These are highly effective and could weaken the aggressor. Here are some techniques you could use:

  • Head butt can surprise your opponent and would definitely disrupt his balance.
  • Control your attacker by tying up his hands and letting you punch go freely.
  • Shove your knees to his thigh once you have tied his hands.
  • Use your elbows so you could create grave damage to your opponent.
  • Slightly twist your opponent’s neck making an illegal headlock.
  1. Keep your feet on the ground

Never invite others to attack you by going to the ground.

You might end up in a grappling position once you’re in a street fight, especially when you and your opponent are out in the open area.

A fight making you end up on the ground is a bad idea for it makes you vulnerable and this position is difficult for your defense techniques.

You must be able to get up quickly as you can.  “Fall down seven and stand up eight times.”

Final thoughts

A fight can happen anytime, anywhere. It is an intellectual move to prepare yourself in these kinds of circumstances with the right boxing self-defense techniques.

In a street fight, don’t ever underestimate your opponent. You will never know what he has in his hands.

Weapons can put you in a crucial disposition so you must always keep your cool to be able to think clearly when this happens.

Getting in good boxing shape is also essential to pulling this whole thing off.

Again, if punched by force then use force. When we talk about weapons, then fight with weapons as well. Bare hands wouldn’t be able to protect you with this.

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