May 9, 2018
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by TheBoxingGear

In order to learn shadow boxing, you obviously need to understand exactly what it is.

You need to know what it is in order to fully improve your technique and to get the proper movements down.

So, what is it? The most general definition is that shadow boxing is when a boxer moves around as they throw punches into the air.

They move around themselves while doing this extra movement with the arms.

Shadowboxing is a technique that a lot of fighters use to enhance their techniques and form while fighting.

It also has the ability to strengthen their muscles and is a great warm up for before a full boxing routine.

If you actually do shadow boxing correctly, you can improve your overall capability to box and also enhance the power behind your punches.

It teaches you the rhythm of boxing, and is fantastic for learning proper footwork.

If you take the time to learn how to shadow box, not only will you be ready for the offensive work of boxing, but you will also be ready to defend yourself.

Why should you master shadow boxing?

Even if you learn how to shadow box, you need to know why you are doing it in the first place.

One of the best things about shadow boxing is that you are free to do whatever you want and very simple to do. 

This makes it versatile, and you can practice wherever and whenever you want, without any equipment getting in the way.

boxer shadowboxing

One of the best things about it is that you can get feedback right away, by looking in the mirror, or filming yourself doing it, or doing it in front of a coach. 

You do not need to purchase equipment and it is the perfect warmup for anybody who wants to box and cannot afford a punching bag.

It is very harmless to do it, and you will not risk injury as long as you have stretched before.

One thing that shadow boxing does that is great is that it enhances your fighting imagination.

It helps you place yourself in scenarios that you may be put in and get you in the right headspace in order to actually achieve success in the ring.

In order not to get thrown off in the ring, you have to play through these scenarios before you get there.

Obviously, the bad thing about shadow boxing is that it is not as real as a real fight, simply because there is no element of surprise.

You are not adjusting to any sudden movements, because all of the movements are planned in your mind.

Now obviously, in boxing unpredictability is common and it is one of the hardest things to overcome.

Even though that is taken away when you shadow box, it is still one of the best things to do in order to get proper form and technique.

The boxing movements

The main reason boxers decide to shadow box in the first place is to enhance their own movements in the ring.

girl having a sparring session

Even though a boxer may have a powerful punch and a lot of great speed, they may seem very unnatural in the ring.

One thing that you are going to be noticing when you are in the ring is that you may not feel relaxed.

If you are not relaxed in the ring, we are here to tell you that you won’t win.

All of the best fighters, are calm and breathing steadily as they are making their movements.

They are not huffing and puffing, or sweating a lot, they are moving smoothly and it looks as though they are gliding across the ring.

That is why shadow boxing is so important because it is all about mastering movement.

You are going to find your place of total comfort as you strictly focus on the boxing movements that you are doing.

It is so important to do this before you even think about throwing punches on a boxing punching bag, because your arms need to get used to the overall movement.

It needs to become second nature to you, that no matter what happens in the ring, you still have proper form with excellent footwork.

Shadow boxing is one of the most calming experiences you can have, and we recommend you do it in a place with no distractions.

If music really helps you get in the zone, just put in your ear buds and do it. Learn to be calm under stress, and breathe as naturally as possible.

Punch as though there is someone in front of you but do not do it with aggression; do it with intention.

fighter throwing jabs

Feel with every punch where you are wanting to hit on your opponent. It should actually start to look and feel like a dance, and it will become muscle memory.

At the end of it all, when you are in the ring it is not all about your power or your endurance, it is about your ability to persevere and discover the weak moments in your opponent.

A boxer loses when their opponent throws them off. Master the ability of meditation and be able to think clearly while in the ring.

The worst boxers let their aggression take them over while in the ring, and they do not think clearly. This leads to huge mistakes and a lot of injury.


If you want to properly learn how to shadow box, we recommend getting a coach to help you out for your first few times.

Let them watch you and give you tips on your form and what you could do to improve on all your movements.

The main thing with shadow boxing is to make it a daily thing, with one rest day, so you can start to really get it into your body, and it will become second nature.

Check out this video by fightTIPS showing some awesome shadowboxing drills for your cardio workout:

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