Did you know the new pain-inducing fitness trend right now to get six packs of abs? If not, it’s simply taking hits straight to the stomach.

But is this really true? Does punching your stomach give you abs? In this article, we’ll find out the answer.

What Are the Benefits of Voluntarily Taking the Beat?

It may not seem like it, but taking punches to your stomach can really give you benefits.

As a matter of fact, we have some famous people to prove that.

Joe Jonas, for one, was caught doing a series of leg lifts beside his personal trainer while wearing boxing gloves.

pro fighters competing in the ring

After each rep, the trainer blows him with some punches right in the abdomen.

Jonas is not the only famous celebrity who gets punched as part of his fitness training strategy.

Mia Kang, a prominent Muay Thai fighter and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, showed a video of herself being blown in the gut

Each time she extends her long legs while at the same time, performing squats, the fighters on her side will kick her in the belly.

There is only one good reason why people do this, and that’s because it has benefits.

The benefits, however, could be different for each person.

Most boxers, MMA fighters, and athletes do it for the sake of training since getting walloped is part of their profession.

Aside from that, they have to exercise absorbing these blows.

This explains the reason why Kang opt to endure the kicks. For Jonas, most probably, he just wants to strengthen his abs.

Although an external hit into muscles will not make it stronger or tighter, contracting the abs before a punch blows a stomach could make stronger muscle fibers.

But does punching your stomach alone gives you abs? Not with some other forms of fitness routine.

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A Good Habit Ritual Is Your Way to Achieving Six-Pack Abs 

Many people complain about bulging belly that goes for being fat, a typical dilemma of individuals who don’t have excess time to go to gym and have workouts for building a nicely toned body.

boxing coach showing off skills

Most who have the same problem, then, turn to taking dietary supplement, doing dietary programs, and even choosing surgical treatment.

However, they still end up disappointed, which in turn leads to further health problems and reduced self-confidence.

Some who have been suffering from obesity find it hard to get back to their normal body health and figure.

Professional assistance may help, but still, everything depends on your lifestyle.

The real problem here is the discipline and selection of habits.

Fortunately, you can change your habit through discipline of continuous practice.

Bed Time and Wake-Up Time Should Sync

This may be quite obvious, but it’s still overlooked by many.

Even without mentioning its scientific explanation, abnormal sleeping and waking up time can result to unnecessary moods that lead to developing bad habits.

Remember that we have “biological clock”, which is controlled by our body’s circadian rhythms.

It’s important to follow your body clock and make sure that your bed time and wake-up time are at sync.

Also, always get sufficient sleep as lack of sleep can lead to diabetes, hypertension, depression, stroke heart attacks, and other health problems.

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Our body needs rehydration after long hours of sleep. Morning rehydration is an aged-old means of adding peristaltic action to colon.

Try taking at least half a glass of water by mid-morning. Upon waking up, drink one warm glass of lemon juice.

You need it to be warm so it will not shock your system.

child boxer resting in the corner

The lemon helps the digestive system to be ready for coming meals. Its sour taste fuels peristaltic action to digestive track.

Also replace you coffee morning habit with healthier expansive drink such as green tea.

Green tea has adequate amount of caffeine to keep you alive and alert.

This is also great for reducing cholesterol, losing weight, and even for delaying signs of aging.

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Eat Healthy Breakfast 

Breakfast is the day’s most important meal. Those who eat breakfast tend to be slimmer compared to those who skip it.

A healthy combo of fruits, whole grains, and lean protein will give you sufficient energy to get throughout the day and perform better, both physically and mentally.


Another important factor to be considered upon waking up in the morning is the exercise.

fighter showing off discipline

Oftentimes, because of busy schedule and lack of excess time, many forget to do even a simple stretching.

You may sometimes feel lazy and sluggish, but a little extra effort for exercising will boost your day, and if continuously done, this will lead to a healthier, fitter, and better you.

British Journal of Nutrition’s new study states that individuals who exercise in the morning before breakfast can burn more fat compared to those who go to gym with full stomach.

Northumbria University’s researcher also asked 12 men that are physically active to hit treadmills, some with empty stomachs and others had eaten breakfast, early in the morning.

The result shows that early workouts made participants less hungry and eat less throughout the day, and those with empty stomach have burned 20% more fat compared to those who chowed down before sweating.


Going back to the question, does punching your stomach give you abs? Yes, it does, but it’s not guaranteed.

However, coupled with the tips mentioned above, punching the abdomen can give you the abs of your dreams.